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Robert-Jan Broer
February 28, 2005
Home today

I am between jobs, last friday was the last day of my old job and tomorrow I start working at a new place. So today I had a day off, and I could use that 🙂 Finishing all your work and leaving behind your former employer is energyconsuming, at least that’s what I found out. This was my first job and I enjoyed it, but now it is time to look for new challenges.

Anyway, today I spent most of the time doing stuff inside the house. Cleaning, arranging all my shirts (my new job makes me wear suits) and finally.. finally writing the review on the winder for WatchUseek. I just mailed the finished version to Ernie Romers so it can be posted in a short time. I hope this evening.

I also went to the postoffice where there was a book for me waiting since last week. It is a Japanese book on Omega Seamaster watches. I have a weakness for Omega watches, and the guy who wrote Time Capsule, a book on Speedmasters, now wrote a book on Seamasters. Ofcourse, I can’t read it, it is in Japanese, but it is nice to have some sort of reference material. It is full of photos and I can read the productionyears and numbering of special editions.

I will keep you posted on the link to the winderreview.

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