Eric from Rico’s Watches Podcast asked to appear on his show, which I gladly did, to talk about how I got into watches, starting Fratello and about collecting watches.

Not only did he record a podcast, but it is also captured on video (YouTube) so you will be able to see the watches I am talking about. The Rico’s Watches Podcast is great fun (he had a number of known and lesser-known guests) and he’s a great interviewer.

The podcast can be found on Spotify (click here), but also via Apple Podcast (click here), Google Podcast (click here), or simply go here to see on what others channels you can tune into Rico’s Watches Podcast.

Rico’s Watches Podcast

As always with podcasts, you can’t see the watches we talk about. But luckily Eric also records his guests on video. The video can be viewed below:

Make sure to follow Eric on his Instagram account (@ricoswatchespodcast) as well.

To listen to our own Fratello podcasts, go here.