International Anti-Poaching Foundation Support

Our friend James Henderson of Tempus Fugit started an initiative to help the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) raise funds. This organization fights against wildlife crime as it is sweeping our precious planet. Incredible animals such as the elephant and rhino (and many others) are being hunted and killed by criminals and this just has to stop. Now.

IAPF needs your financial support in order to train, equip and manage the anti-poaching rangers. These anti-poaching rangers are defending the World’s natural heritage for the current and next generation. James Henderson of Tempus Fugit contacted several watch brands or related companies to see what they can do to help in order to get as much donations as possible. Frederique Constant for example, is doing a raffle with their Slimline Manufacture Moonphase timepiece.

Anti PoachingYou can WIN this watch after you donated $50 USD (or more) to the IAPF. Make sure to mention the “Tempus Fugit Initiative” when doing the payment. Based on this payment description, the fine people over at IAPF will draw the name of the lucky winner.

From the IAPF website:

The IAPF fulfills this niche responsibility within its areas of operations, whilst working alongside credible partners who specialise in the other vital components of conserving protected area biodiversity.  

The requirement for inspiring urgent political action towards the safekeeping of the planet cannot be overstated. This responsibility should transcend all levels of industry, business and society as we strive for a generation of people that give, not take. Increasing pressure on the world’s natural assets is simply not sustainable. Whilst the IAPF understands the big picture, we also understand where we fit in, and that is stopping the hemorrhaging of these resources at the front-lines of the World Wildlife War. 

Direct action anti-poaching is a vital component of any successful conservation formula where poaching is a threat. Without the support for the rangers who risk their lives daily to meet this responsibility, then we have little hope for long-term preservation of the natural world. 

Click for the original article by James Henderson of Tempus Fugit

Make a donation today, follow the ‘Donate’ buttons on the IAPF website.