It’s funny to think that, at one time, digital displays were seriously advanced technology. On top of this, items that featured such readouts, like calculators and watches, were incredibly expensive and seen as a luxury. Today’s new Casio Casiotron TRN-50 pays direct homage to this period because it’s a 50th-anniversary reissue of a similarly named watch from 1974. If you’re into Casio or digital watches, this one looks like a guaranteed hit.

I still remember my dad sitting down at the dining room table every weekend, going through the bills. Along with his checkbook and trusty Parker T-Ball Jotter, there was a funky little machine standing at the ready. It was a navy blue Sharp calculator with white and red buttons and a small green digital screen. It also came with a black nylon strap attached to a small loop on the side of the machine. The calculator was expensive when my parents purchased it, and as a young kid in the ’80s, I thought it was cool. With today’s new release, Casio wants to take us back to this awe-inspiring period. The Casiotron TRN-50 is a funky little watch, and I love it.

The original Casiotron

Casio released the original Casiotron QW02, the company’s very first wristwatch, in 1974. While digital displays were advanced at the time, the watch brought something new. Notably, it was the first digital watch to feature an automatic calendar function. The digital display showed the time, month, date, and day of the week. It automatically adjusted at the turn of each month except for in leap years. This was groundbreaking stuff 50 years ago, and the watches became icons. With the new Casiotron TRN-50, we have the chance to come very close to this period but with all the benefits of a modern timepiece.

Casio Casiotron TRN-50

The new Casiotron TRN-50

I’m hopelessly addicted to vintage watches, yet I have a very small collection of older digital pieces. A couple of them stem from the ’80s, while a lovely-looking Seiko from the ’70s sits with a damaged, non-functional display. My problem with them isn’t the looks. It’s the electronics and my fear of irreparability. This is why, in this day and age of possible reissue oversaturation, I’m 110% supportive of digital watch reissues. Electronics are so good today, and it’s also simple to make a new watch look exactly like its forebear. Finally (and I am happy to be corrected), I don’t think there’s the same love for vintage circuits and diodes as there is for mechanical movements. So yes, I am excited about the new Casiotron TRN-50.

The particulars

Casio’s new Casiotron TRN-50 is a stainless steel watch that includes a screw-in case back. Unlike the original, though, it probably won’t be important to open this one! In place of a battery, we can rejoice over the use of the brand’s Tough Solar to provide ample power. For those who enjoy G-Shock models but find them too large, this watch will delight with its 39.1mm by 42.7mm dimensions. The thickness is also decent at 12.3mm. Casio tops the watch off with a mineral crystal and makes the case water resistant to 5 bar.

As far as specifications, the Casiotron TRN-50 contains the same automatic calendar function that made the original such a landmark. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. All of the now-typical Casio functionality comes along for the journey too. This includes Bluetooth phone connectivity for automatic time changes, radio time-signal reception in different time zones, and an LED backlight. Alarms, a 1/100th-of-a-second stopwatch, and a countdown timer make this a modern performer in retro clothing.

Casio Casiotron TRN-50

Cool vintage styling on the Casiotron TRN-50

The Casiotron TRN-50 comes in one style, and it contains a dark blue dial with solar cells. The rounded rectangular display has a traditional gray background with black digital numbers and letters. Other cool and correct nods to the past are the “Casio” and “Casiotron” fonts above and below the display window. Then, there’s the fluted internal bezel that hints at traditional analog watches from the period. The case shape itself is very ’70s with its angular form and concentric machine marks on the top surface. Two pushers on each side bring a pleasing level of symmetry. Overall, it’s hard to fault the simple, good-looking design that Casio created so long ago.

The stainless steel bracelet is also faithful to the old QW02 and should prove to be decent. Each link is a single piece that appears to be three links across the width. The outer segments are brushed, while the raised central portion is polished. Expect a pin-and-collar system for removing links and a simple folding clasp.

Casio Casiotron TRN-50

Thoughts and availability

The new Casio Casiotron TRN-50 will fall under the brand’s Vintage line and will be available worldwide as a limited edition of 4,000 units. The retail price will be €499. This is not a small run, but I do think that the new Casiotron will sell quickly as this is such a cool design based on a historically significant watch. As far as competition, it’s hard not to view this against the similarly priced Tissot PRX digital models. Of course, Casio also makes a wide range of metal G-Shock models. None of these alternatives are limited, though. For my money, I like the new Casiotron due to its size, simple looks, and retro details. One just might end up on my wrist! Editor note: the watches will go on sale on February 29, 2024.

Let us know what you think of this 50th-anniversary throwback in the comments.

Watch specifications

Dark blue, solar cell with black on gray digital display
Case Material
Stainless steel
Case Dimensions
39.1mm (diameter) × 42.7mm (length) × 12.3mm (thickness)
Mineral glass
Case Back
Stainless steel, screw-in
Casio solar powered, radio-controlled digital quartz module
Water Resistance
5 bar (50m)
Stainless steel bracelet
Time (12-hour and 24-hour formats), date (MM/DD and DD/MM formats), world time in 39 cities, 1/100-second stopwatch, 24-hour countdown timer, five daily alarms with one snooze alarm, LED backlight, power-saving mode, low-battery alert, time-calibration signal reception, Bluetooth phone connection
Two years
Special Note(s)
Worldwide limited edition of 4,000 pieces