Not too long ago, I wrote about Miyota and its effort to become the go-to movement supplier in the microbrand space. Today’s release is proof of the merit of that strategy. This is the Boldr × Worn & Wound 3xT GMT, a limited edition of 100 pieces of each of two colorways, made for adventurers. It features a clever internal rotating bezel and, crucially, a flyer GMT complication. Oh, and it is colorful. Very colorful!

Interestingly, Boldr and Worn & Wound specifically point out the automatic Miyota caliber 9075 as a source of inspiration for these watches. This is why I feel Miyota’s strategy is working. The company’s release of an affordable flyer GMT caliber triggers brands to design watches for it. You could say that’s the world upside down. I say it is a new and promising synergy between businesses in the watch world. It’s something to keep an eye on, for sure. For now, let’s have a closer look at this new 3xT GMT.

Boldr x Worn & Wound 3xT GMT

The Boldr × Worn & Wound 3xT GMT

So, what do we have here? The 3xT is a collaboration between the Singaporean brand Boldr and our friends at Worn & Wound. 3xT, I presume, signifies the possibility of tracking three time zones with this fun-focused adventure watch. This is, as explained, enabled by the Miyota caliber 9075, with its GMT and date complications. I will not go into the caliber too much here as I covered it extensively in the Miyota overview article.

The watches measure 41mm across at the bezel. That excludes the flaring cheeks at 3 and 9 o’clock, but it will likely still have the wrist presence of a 41mm watch. The lug-to-lug is 47.8mm, paired with a thickness of 13.9mm. I haven’t had the pleasure of handling one yet, but it seems safe to assume that these are crowd-pleasing and contemporary proportions for a sports watch. A chamfered sapphire crystal on top seals the 200m-water-resistant case. In terms of finishing, you get the uncommon but cool combination of bead-blasted and polished surfaces.

The dual crowns give away the fact that there is an internal rotating bezel. Immediately, you will notice that it displays both 12-hour markings and five-minute intervals, with the respective numerals placed perpendicularly to each other. This means you can use it as either a timing bezel or for tracking a third time zone via the local hour hand.

Boldr × Worn & Wound 3xt GMT lifestyle shot

A colorful duo

The Boldr × Worn & Wound 3xT GMT comes in two colorways. I would usually say “two colors,” but that would not do justice to the plethora of hues present here. The first version features a base color somewhere between pine and petrol green. It is matched with accents in different shades of yellow, light blue, and red. This version comes on a red nylon strap. The second one is a little more subdued, with a gray base and teal surfaces offset by bright, cool yellow. Did I say “subdued”? Well, I meant relatively so. Still, the black nylon strap does tone things down significantly.

The dials are arranged in concentric circles. The innermost circle features the 24-hour scale for home time. Next, you get a wide track with big, legible, lumed block markers for the local time. Next, there is a minute track, which is followed by the rotating dual-purpose inner bezel.

Boldr × Worn & Wound 3xt GMT

It could have been cool to see the different readouts color-coded, making the fun color schemes more functional. The use of color here, however, is purely artistic. And artistic these watches are! They probably aren’t for everyone, but if you are done with dull watches, these are for you!

Boldr × Worn & Wound 3xt GMT

Pricing and availability of the Boldr × Worn & Wound 3xT GMT

Boldr and Worn & Wound will produce 100 of each colorway of the 3xT GMT. They are priced at a sharp US$699. Considering the fun-to-dollar ratio they offer, I would expect them to fly off the shelves.

Boldr × Worn & Wound 3xt GMT

The Boldr × Worn & Wound 3xT GMT is available in Worn & Wound’s Windup Watch Shop now. Delivery will commence in December.

What do you think of these colorful adventure watches from Boldr and Worn & Wound? Let us know in the comments below!