In late 2022, I had a chance to check out the ADPT Series 1 watches. It was a fun experience. The collaborative effort between the folks behind Worn & Wound and Boldr resulted in a duo of colorful field watches. For the next step, the team worked on a second pair of watches based on the debut model. For the Series 1 Dual-Time, a GMT function has been thrown into the mix. Something that immediately piques my interest. What has stayed are the funky colors that make these watches stand out immediately. Add an affordable price of under €500, and I am all eyes and ears.

As I explained in the article about the first ADPT Series 1, the people behind Worn & Wound started ADPT to offer American-made nylon watch straps. Five years later, it resulted in the creation of an actual watch brand. It is time for a second watch release, coming in just over a year later. The company name—pronounced “adapt”—is an abbreviation for All Day, Purpose, and Terrain. It’s the spirit the brand wishes to channel with the utility of its products. While that results in an outdoor setting for the Series 1 Dual-Time, they are affordable, colorful daily wearers that fit various situations.

The ADPT Series 1 story

Let’s start at the beginning. When the first Series 1 models were introduced in late 2022, they sold out fast. There were four models with four vibrant color schemes. We had two in the office, and I wore and enjoyed them quite a bit. Building on the success of that first drop, it only makes sense that the two new models are two GMT versions of the Series 1. As a reminder, you might recognize the Boldr design signature when looking at these two new watches. And you would be right. The canvas for the ADPT Series 1 is the BOLDR Supply Co. Venture field watch silhouette.

Series 1 translates to two field watches with a 38mm titanium case that is 13.6mm thick, 44mm from lug to lug, and a lug spacing of 20mm. The case is 200 meters water resistant and comes with a branded screw-down crown at 4 o’clock, a sapphire crystal, and a screw-down case back. The case design does not have traditional lugs, so it’s a compact watch. What I love is that the 20mm nylon straps have plenty of presence because of that. It creates a very good balance and a colorful overall presence.

The ADPT Series 1 Aqua Berry

If we zoom in on the two models, the first is called the Aqua Berry, and the second one is the Mossy Shale. I have to say that the names are well-chosen as they echo the colors perfectly. Let’s start with the Aqua Berry. It has a light blue dial with an etched “waffle” pattern as the base.

It has a cherry red outer ring that hosts the 24-hour GTM scale in yellow. Additionally, a color-matched crosshair structure flows nicely from the poles of the outer ring onto the dial.

The dial is graced by applied markers filled with white lume and magenta outer rings. The handset is rather colorful, with the hour and minute hand corresponding to the dial’s berry red and magenta colors. The seconds hand combines two blue colors, with the lighter blue tip color matching the markers at the poles.

A nice detail is the vertical date window executed with a blue disc and white printing. The bezel insert features a combination of a 60-minute scale and the cardinal points. Lastly, the bezel insert features two shades of blue that traditionally indicate a GMT bezel’s day and night hours.

The ADPT Series 1 Mossy Shale

The second model is the Mossy Shale, which combines shades of green, gray, and beige with additional hints of blue and pink. What seems like a predominantly green watch turns out to be incredibly colorful once you zoom in.

The light green base has the same pattern as the other model and is combined with a gray-greenish outer ring and color-matched crosshair. The 24-hour scale is printed in light blue and corresponds with the color of the GMT hand.

The markers at the poles are light pink and correspond with the tip of the seconds hand. The hour and minute hand feature three shades of green and gray, with the tips corresponding to the indices’ rings and the date disc. The bezel insert combines the same 60-minute countdown scale with the cardinal markers and a division of two colors. A lot is going on regarding colors.

But overall, the contrast of colors is not as extreme as in the Aqua Berry model. Both watches are fitted with straps that match the dominant color of the respective model. That translates to a blue nylon strap for the Aqua Berry and a green nylon strap for the Mossy Shale.

The Seiko NH34 GMT caliber

Inside the lightweight titanium case, you will find the Seiko NH34 caliber. This automatic movement operates at 21,600vph, has 24 jewels, and a 41-hour power reserve when fully wound. As most of you will know, this caliber is a caller-style GMT movement. As such, it allows you to adjust the 24-hour GMT hand independently. Most people prefer a flyer-style GMT, but you won’t find many that offer that at the sub-€500 price point of these two watches. Consequently, these two watches fit right in with what is out there today.

The ADPT Series 1 Dual-Time watches do stand out in terms of presence. On top of the colorful timepieces, you will also get the matching ADPT River Stone carrying case, wrapped in rip-stop nylon with high-contrast zippers and an anodized aluminum carabiner. It hints back to the brand’s active and outdoor feel, which I love. Both models are available now for $499. There is some competition at this price point, but none looks like the ADPT Series 1 Dual-Time.

Final thoughts on the ADPT Series 1 Dual-Time

I love seeing these colorful timepieces as they offer something different. Sure, the frivolous colors are not for everyone. But I love the approach the ADPT guys have taken with this second drop. Instead of compromising the colorful feel of the first drop, they doubled down on colorfulness with the addition of the GMT function. It shows the determination and good eye for design that the guys at ADPT have. Making a color scheme like this work requires a lot of know-how. And it’s plain to see that it’s certainly present at ADPT.

The overall presence is dominated by one color, but once you zoom in, you will see many intricate details that bring a smile to your face. It’s the second time the ADPT team has achieved that, and I love it. That’s why I hope that they will continue this unique and playful approach to their watches. It adds much-needed colorfulness and frivolity to the watch landscape; ultimately, the colors also fit the purpose. And that’s why I love seeing these watches and can’t wait to see what is next with every release.

For more information, visit the Worn & Wound page on the ADPT Series 1 Dual-Time or go straight to the Windup Watch Shop site to pick one up.

Watch specifications

Series 1 Dual-Time
Aqua Berry - blue with berry red, teal and magenta details, Mossy Shale - green with beige, gray and blue details
Case Material
Case Dimensions
Diameter - 38mm, thickness - 13.6mm, lug-to-lug - 44mm, lug spacing - 20mm
Sapphire crystal
Case Back
Screw-down titanium case back
Seiko NH34 caliber, automatic caller-style GMT movement, operation frequency - 21,600vph, 24 jewels, 41-hour power reserve
Water Resistance
200 meters
Aqua Berry - blue nylon strap, Mossy Shale - green nylon strap
Time (hours, minutes, seconds), GMT function