Swatch creates a playful tribute to the century-old Bauhaus movement in typical Swatch style. Meet the Bau Swatch collection.

For a lot of kids born in the seventies and early eighties, a Swatch is the first proper watch they owned and vividly remember as well. I still remember mine very well. Although I have to be honest here, I had to look the exact model up in an older version of the Swatch-Clopedia that has an overview of all models that Swatch made from 1983 on. After a good couple of hours, I finally found my first Swatch, and it turned out to be the Swatch Bar Oriental from 1989. The most remarkable thing about it is that there is an image of a jazz drummer printed on the strap and music has turned out to be my biggest passion in life. The only logical step was to buy that same Swatch Bar Oriental again, and so I did. So Swatch has a special place in my heart, and it is always nice to check out their new collections to see if they still have that same attraction they had back when I was younger. The Swatch Fall/Winter Collection 2019 features the interesting BAU SWATCH collection that honours the Bauhaus movement that started in Germany precisely 100 years ago. And they do it in Swatch style.

Bau Swatch

The new BAU SWATCH collection features a range of models that all celebrate the typical Bauhaus style. The Bauhaus style can be described as a mixture of design and architecture that focuses on making the distance between art and functionality as little as possible so the works do not become static art pieces, but they create a balance between form and function. This resulted in a great mixture of designs ranging from very lively coloured designs to more easy on the eye black and white designs. And these characteristics can also be found in the new BAU SWATCH collection. Swatch did not just create wild and out-there pieces but has come up with a mixture of watches that represent the multiple facets of the Bauhaus style. We have picked the most remarkable pieces from the new collection.

Sistem Bau

Swatch Bauhaus Sistem Bau

We have to start with the Bauhaus version of the Swatch Sistem 51 as it is the mechanical piece of the collection. The Bauhaus version of the Sistem 51 is named the Sistem Bau (SUTW405) and features an entirely white case and strap with contrasting black and coloured details. The white case contrasts with the black dial, bezel, crown and clasp. Next to that, there are hints of colour to be found on the dial with the red date indication and the six red dots to indicate the placement of the jewels in the Sistem 51 movement. The hands of the Sistem Bau are the typically Bauhaus red (hours), blue (minutes) and yellow (seconds) colours and the clasp tongue is also bright red. These same three colours can also be found in the dotted pattern on the back of the case where you can see the automatic Sistem 51 movement. Another feature that gives the watch its typical Bauhaus feel is the style of the dial with the typical Bauhaus style hour markers and numerals. Just by reading, you might get the impression that the combination of colours is pretty out there; however, the opposite is true. The black and white contrast plays the most prominent part in the style of the watch. The colours are there to bring a little spark to the Sistem Bau that is available for 140 Euro like many of the Sistem 51 models.

Bau Swatch Bricagris

The second model that stands out from the 25 models strong collection is the Bau Swatch Bricagris (SUOM708) as it combines subtle Bauhaus elements with the typical classic Swatch style that could be found on the early Swatches from 1983.  The Bricagris is a full dark grey watch that features a beautiful sunburst grey dial the brings character to the watch. Another detail that stands out is the Bauhaus inspired knitted pattern on the strap. For the rest, the watch is very much reminiscent of the classic Swatch style with the typical slim hour markers and slender hands that compliment the sunburst dial that also features a day and date indication. It’s nice to see that the classic Swatch style is in itself very close to the typical Bauhaus style. The Bricagris features a quartz movement and is available for 70 Euro just like the other coloured versions called Bricawhite and Bricablue.

Bau Swatch Elementary

Another heavily Bauhaus inspired model is the Bau Swatch Elementary (SUOB728). This watch is full-on Bauhaus and creates a nice contrast between the full black case and black strap with contrasting white dial that also features the Bauhaus style black hour numerals. The colour contrast comes from the typically Bauhaus coloured blue, red and yellow hands. It’s these three elementary colours that are prominent within Bauhaus and also give this watch its name. The watch also features a contrasting black day and date indication to make this one of the stand out pieces that celebrate the Bauhaus style to the fullest. The regular Swatch quartz movement powers the watch and also costs 70 Euro.


And if the three mentioned models are not what you are looking for, you can always opt for one of the other 22 models in the collection or choose one of the two SWATCH X YOU options to create your own personal version of a Bauhaus style Swatch for 110 Euro. With SWATCH X YOU Swatch offers you the option of choosing one of two Bauhaus style canvases and you can place the Swatch on your desired part of the canvas to create something unique.

bau swatch

This BAU SWATCH collection is a lovely tribute to the 100-year-old Bauhaus movement, and it proves once again that the simple and timeless styling of the classic Swatch goes with almost any other art or design style out there. The collection features some very colourful and typically Bauhaus inspired pieces that could be the Swatch to add to your collection as a nice playful addition to your more serious pieces. The Bau Swatch collection features some great watches that you could also wear during the summer days as they are available for ordering now, so if you are quick, you might have them before the summer holidays have started.

More information via Swatch online.