Today, I noticed an Omega LED wrist watch on someone’s wrist in an interior store. Now, if I would be in a watch shop or perhaps in a bar or something, I probably asked him more about this watch. Is he a collector? Is this his only watch? How did het get it? What about the history of this watch? Is he aware that he wears something ‘special’? Does he have box, papers and the original receipt? You know the drill, these questions need to be answered if you encounter someone with a nice watch.

Omega LED wrist watch, picture taken from the website

Now, back at home, I still don’t know anything about this man and his watch. I think I will manage to sleep well, but it would have been nice to interact with someone who has a nice time piece. At least when he was aware of having one 😉 I felt it wasn’t the right place to ask, this man was clearly occupied with shopping for interior with his family. What would you do?