Yesterday, I finally watched volume 2 of Kill Bill. The first part was great in my opinion, and the second part is nice, but not great. In fact, the only reason to see it is to finally witness how Bill is being Killed.

Anyway (to keep it on-topic), in part two I noticed this Rolex Daytona she (Uma Thurman) uses to check her predictor-stick. At first I thought it was cool that she has such a nice masculine watch. Later on, when I examined the still images on my PC, it was clearly a fake Daytona. What a bummer.

  • I noticed it as wel… guess this happens in more movies. I once did a search on internet and there are quite some posts about fake watches being used in movies.

  • einars

    that’s funny, good thing she now advertises for Tag, they probably give her real watches ;).

  • Martijn

    What happened with the bezel? It looks like you can turn it like a divingbezel on the Submariner….

  • Van

    It’s a brilliant joke; a cheap, Chinese, fake Rolex in a fake of a cheap Chinese action flick.

  • Ken

    It was done on purpose I’m sure. Tarantino would know what he’s doing – probably adding to the B-movie theme.