Knight Industries Two Thousand

Robert-Jan Broer
July 29, 2006
Knight Industries Two Thousand

Knight Industries Two Thousand, or K.I.T.T, the car driven by Michael Knight in the 1980s hit TV-series ‘Knight Rider’. Michael Knight communicated with his fabulous car (based on a Pontiac Trans Am) via his wrist watch.

A¬†guy over at the Dutch ‘DeZinVanLuxe‘ watch forum, asked for a replica of this K.I.T.T. wrist watch. It seems to be a Nelsonic or Advance Digital Radio Watch.

Someone in the forum replied that there is this Japanese site, with full instructions on how to build your own K.I.T.T wrist watch. The only thing you need, is a car to communicate with. Click here for the Do It Yourself page.

However, if you prefer a more up to date wrist watch with similar features :-), try the CamCo system. They offer a Car Security system, including a wrist watch, for 239 Euro.

This set contains:

  • 1x¬†WatchCon wrist watch¬†
  • 1x 2-way Prostar remote control
  • Head unit with build in start module and shock sensor (also can by used with diesel engine)
  • Antenna
  • Warning¬†LED¬†
  • Starter killer relay
  • Siren
  • Wiring + ¬†fuses
  • User manual + installation manual
  • Warning sticker 3x
  • 1 year guaranty
  • Click here for more information!

    More on K.I.T.T over at

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