Robert-Jan Broer
December 28, 2005

About a year ago, on the 22th of December 2004, I posted about the official Kobold Forum at WatchUseek.com. Since April this year, the forum isn’t ‘official’ anymore. This means that the forum still exists, but not with the official support of Mike Kobold. I couldn’t find an explanation for this anywhere, but this has probably something to do with image and the aim for a higher-segment in the market. At least, this is the impression I got from the reactions on my former post on the Kobold Forum.

Anyway, besides Paneristi, there seems to be Koboldi. According to the Kobold marketing machine, James ‘Tony Soprano’ Gandolfini is among them.

Picture by Elizabeth Cacatian, moderator at WatchUseek

The pictured model is $3850 (in Titanium with bracelet) or $2450 (in Steel with bracelet).

The official Kobold Watch website ships these watches directly to the customer. Also, they have a load of merchandise (including shirts, straps, bracelets, buckles, advertisements(paying for these?) etc.) for sale on their website. At least the Koboldi are getting served a bit better than the Paneristi when it comes to merchandise. Paneristi have to scrape it of eBay.


Robert-Jan Broer
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