Although we put a lot of care and work into our own Speedmaster archives here on Fratello, they are only available online (with the exception of the print publication we once did for the Speedmaster). Sometimes, it is nice to have something in print to enjoy on the couch with your favorite beverage. Books like Moonwatch Only, the Mondani books on Rolex, and now Magister are a nice way to spend a few hours in the evenings and weekends on your favorite watches.

The Magister Book

Collector and watch enthusiast Andrea Foffi released a special book on the Speedmaster topic. Meet the Magister book, covering 70 special Speedmaster watches from his collection. We already published about this book being in the works a few weeks ago. From today on, however, it is ready to ship! For the Speedmaster enthusiast, we discussed a special discount for this book when you order using the link below.

An example page from The Magister book

The Andrea Foffi Speedmaster Selection

To me, the quality of such a book is incredibly important, also in order to use it as a nice coffee table book (at home or in the office). This 3.1kg book from Italy, consisting of nearly 420 pages with over 370 high-quality photos, definitely ticks all the boxes. Author Paolo Gobbi wrote the book, and the incredibly nice photography comes from photographer Fabio Santinelli. A Unique Andrea Foffi Speedmaster Selection. It is printed in a 240mm × 330mm format. It features high-quality, six-color printing with UV LED technology for the best color representation. More about Foffi and his focus on collecting Omega Speedmaster watches can be found in our previous article.

How to order

In Magister, we find vintage Speedmasters, like the first reference CK2915. But we also find very rare examples of modern pieces, like the platinum skeletonized Speedmaster Professional from 1994 for the 25th anniversary of Apollo XI. The skeletonization was done by no one else than Armin Strom, known today as an independent watchmaker in Biel creating skeletonized sports watches. Another rare watch from the Foffi collection that makes an appearance in Magister is the Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz. You could say it was one of the first limited and numbered production Speedmaster watches, after the gold Speedmaster Professional BA145.022 from 1969.

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The normal price of the book is €399 excluding shipping. We offer you a 5% discount using our special code.

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