After the Montre de Souscription 1 — a vintage-inspired chronograph made in collaboration with Habring² — the Montre de Souscription 2 follows. Yes, there’s logic to be found in the highly emotional horological universe! And Monochrome’s second subscription watch is a Czapek Antarctique limited to just 33 pieces. The “Monochrome White” edition will be sold via subscription, a process that was once introduced by Abraham-Louis Breguet in the late 18th century but can still be put into good use today. Make sure to be ready tomorrow at 3 PM Central European Time/9 AM New York time/10 PM Singapore time if you want to get your hands on what is a very cool Antarctique indeed.

The Monochrome × Czapek Antarctique “Monochrome White” is the complete opposite of our own Fratello × Czapek Antarctique Passage de Drake in Veridian Green. The “Monochrome White” edition shows an understated matte-grained dial with a discreet silvery-white color that is in style with the watch’s steel case. Not only is the bracelet is integrated, but so are the dial, indexes, and the prominent Arabic “12”. The result is an introverted, understated, elegant, subtle, yet very easy-to-read luxury sports watch.

Czapek Antarctique

Monochromatic but not colorless

Despite its name, a contrasting color is not absent from the Monochrome × Czapek Antarctique “Monochrome White”.  If you have a closer look at the central seconds hand, you will notice the red tip. The steel 40.5mm × 10.6mm case, with its brushed finishing radiating outward from the center, adds a refined touch to an already very sophisticated luxury sports watch. On the wrist, this watch wears like a dream — trust us, we know this from personal experience — and will fit wrists of all shapes and sizes.

Simply a fantastic bracelet

The fantastic wearability is also due to the thin and flexible but robust integrated bracelet. The finishing is top-notch, with brushed links that contrast with the highly polished “C” for Czapek. It’s just as you would expect from the brand. And as a bonus, the Easy Release system makes switching to the included rubber strap a breeze. It’s a sporty strap that features a triple-folding clasp for that luxurious touch. The fact that you can opt for either a traditional black strap or a savvy white rubber strap is a clever and stylish idea.

Painstakingly polished angles

As you would expect, the reverse side of the Monochrome × Czapek Antarctique “Monochrome White” is worth a closer look. The Calibre SXH5 is the first in-house Czapek movement. And what an impressive automatic movement it is. That’s because of the sophisticated platinum micro-rotor, of course. But it’s also very much due to the movement’s distinctive architecture with seven bridges. The angular symmetry, open-worked parts, and placement of the bridges offer unique aesthetics. A big bonus is that the construction offers a captivating perspective on the inner workings.

Czapek Antarctique

The 4Hz Calibre SHX5 has a comfortable power reserve of 60 hours. The movement shows chamfered inward angles and drawing of the flanks. The finishing is captivating and decidedly modern, but with a deep respect for traditional horology. The highlight might well be the central bridge with its black-polished steel finishing. That bridge displays no less than six painstakingly polished internal angles.

Czapek Antarctique

Czapek Antarctique “Monochrome White” – The date, the price, and the rules

The subscription campaign will start on December 16th, 2021 at 3 PM Central European Time/9 AM New York time/10 PM Singapore time through Monochrome’s online shop. The price of the watch is €17,200 (excluding taxes). It also includes free insured international shipping and a three-year warranty from Czapek. When ordering the watch, Monochrome will ask for a non-refundable deposit of €5,200 (excluding taxes). The remaining €12,000 plus the applicable VAT/tax for your country will be charged when the watch is ready to come your way. Monochrome and Czapek aim to ship all 33 pieces before the end of March, depending on production. It’s also important to know that the watch will be shipped from Europe.

For more information on Czapek, please visit the brand’s official website.