Who hyped the large watches?

Wil @ Paneristi posted a link on Monster watches! The article is a bit dated, but not posted before here 🙂

Click here for the article.

  • Bas

    Indeed watches are getting huge. Personally, I think they are a fasion thing. Watches will maybe stay a bit bigger than they are now, and there will always be people who wear monster Panerais and the like, but what’s currently happening will fade away.

    At my work, I see human resource managers, marketeers and the like wearing really big watches. That’s just because big watches are fasion now. When fasion changes, they will wear small watches again, I’m sure of that.

    Yesterday, I was at Gerard’s shop (to collect my repaired EZM.1), and I tried on the Omega Railmaster 49.20 mm. It looks really nice, and currently, one could wear it as a fasion statement. The thing would really rule when it were on my wrist, talking to a marketeer at my work, but I’m afraid that I would not wear it within 5 years from now.

    The Railmaster is nice by the way. Great dial and hands. It has a real pocket watch movement, like a Railmaster should. As large as the case, and beating at only 18.000 bph. Great sound. The see-through caseback, however, is fake to me. A watch like that should be antimagnetic all the way, with a soft iron inner case and stainless steel back. Too bad big watch companies make watches just for marketing, and not for watch people like us 🙂

  • I agree with most of what Bas is writing. Certainly the part that the Omega Raimaster is a nice watch; it really is. You probably don’t expect it on first sight, however once on your wrist you know what Bas and I mean.

    I think as well that the hype of large watches is quite on at the moment. However large watches are nothing new of course; there (almost) always have been Portugiesers and Panerai’s.

    Probably you wouldn’t wear the Railmaster within 5 years from now. However you don’t drive the car you are buying today anymore within 5 years as well. I don’t think this should be a reason not to buy the car or the watch.

    The origin of the watch (Railmaster) is now used to be fashionable indeed. And personally I don’t mind that very much; if it’s pleaseing people it’s fine – that’s were it’s ment for. For that reason I don’t mind the glass caseback very much as well – it’s there to please people not to be functional as an instrument were it’s not going to be used for anyhow. Although the movement used isn’t something very rare anymore these days, it looks beautiful as it’s perfectly finished.

  • jay

    When a style becomes dominant (complete with knockoff wannabes) the market eventually rebels and swerves in the other direction. (Klunky watches, and large belt buckles were the rage in the 70s and spontaneously the style collapsed.)

    While the article references the historic ‘large’ aviator watches, this is a relative term. The true classic vintage aviators are sensibly sized and mostly nowhere near the size of the current fad models
    which are fashion statement only without real historic roots.