Some of you may know that I like to crunch numbers, talk statistics and discuss the watch market. Chrono24 is the largest watch market place in the world, and shows us some statistics in the wonderful infographic. Amongst others, it shows the Top 15 of brands with the highest demand in 2016 on their website. A website that received well over 200,000,000 clicks last year on the offered 300,000 watches. Definitely a relevant source for the (pre-owned) watch market. Without further ado, have a look!

Most Popular Watches Of 2016

Most Popular Watches Of 2016

Go here for the original article on Chrono24 Magazine with even more interesting statistics on brands and models.

  • Garrett Hu

    Thank you for this analysis, it’s good information for sure. I am curious to know how the world wide average prices new versus pre-owned will look like if we took Rolex out of the equation.

  • ProJ

    As someone who works with statistics, I think the median watch price is more accurate than the average price. Average (or mean) can be easily skewed by ‘outliers,’ i.e. watches with extremely high prices or extremely low ones. Even 1 outlier can change the average. I am guessing the median price would be lower than the average.

  • HiawathaJones

    Great presentation!