The HYT H5 line might be the best looking of them all.

At least that’s what I think. To be completely honest, I’m a bit biased about this brand. Let me explain. The watch industry has many different faces. Different audiences are shown different looks. These looks can be based on any number of sales driven factors like price points or cultural trends, for example. While the bulk of the industry creates consumable products, it is the responsibility fo some brands — some brands like HT — to exist outside of reality. To push boundaries. To break new ground. And to remind us to care.

HYT has done that by combining mechanical watchmaking and liquids. Only a handful of brands even dared to experiment with this, let alone release models with liquid inside them. HYT has become a dab hand at this over the past eight years or so. And its latest product is really something. The HYT H5 in blue is a masterful exercise in levels and novel technology.



In case you are not familiar with the concept of HYT, let me bring you up to speed regarding the brand. You have a mechanical, hand-wound movement built into a case without a dial. At least not in the classical sense. The watch also has no hour hand to show the time. Instead, a small capillary tube filled with a colored liquid and a clear liquid that push against one another. The point at which they meet marks the hour.

There is a transmission system between the movement and the fluidic module. It converts the rotation into linear movement with the help of a cam-follower system. And so, the mechanical movement’s information is transferring to this exclusive patented micro-fluidic module.


H5 Blue

Today we need to talk about a new release — the HYT H5 Blue. There are 7 model lines in HYT’s catalog. The H5 series was the most recent addition. Within this fledgling family, there are now three models. You have a stainless-steel case with satin finishing about 48.8mm in diameter and 20.8mm in height. Over the dial, you can find a domed sapphire crystal. The dial has an anthracite neoralite hour ring with white SuperLumiNova for the numerals.

This you can see around the side of the glass. It adds a sculptural feel to the piece and offers a striking view from the flanks. The second-hour scale is around the capillary in black. The minute sub-dial, at the 12 o ‘clock, has black indexes and numerals as well as a black minute-hand. The second sub-dial, at 9, only consists of a black hand. The power reserve indicator, between 2 and 3, also has a black hand and a red scale.



We cannot talk about a classic mechanical movement here. Instead, we have three primary elements: HYT’s exclusive patented microfluidic module, the movement itself, and the interface. The interface connects the movement with the micro-fluidic system, which then displays the time. As far as the mechanical movement part is concerned, we can talk about classic watch caliber features.

This is a mechanical movement exclusive for HYT with rhodium finely sandblasted bridges. The caliber has 65 hours of power reserve, 41 jewels, and 28,800vph. The base color of the movement, which is visible from the dial side, is grey with touches of black in the hour ring and on some of the bridges. The anthracite grey works well with the vivid blue liquid inside the tube. The HYT H5 is limited to only 25 pieces with the limited-edition number is visible on the sapphire crystal display case back. You can visit HYT’s website by clicking here.