We have added several new items to the Fratello Shop in the past few weeks, so it’s time for an update! We’re happy to present new strap variations, watch rolls, watch pouches, and the official #SpeedyTuesday caps in three colorways.

Atelier Romane × Fratello Pouches shop

Atelier Romane × Fratello Pouches

For those who travel with more than one watch or want to keep their watches safe, we have several pouches in the Fratello Shop. Recently, we added watch pouches from Atelier Romane. After speaking with the brand’s owner Mickael, we worked out a small, curated selection of products that he and his small team in Paris could produce for Fratello. These are some of the finest leather watch accessories we have ever used, and they’re all handmade in France. We have a regular watch pouch as well as a Deluxe version.

The Deluxe pouch has a slightly roomier design than that of traditional pouches and consists of two compartments. The first holds the watch, and the second compartment allows for the storage of additional straps or accessories. Each Deluxe pouch comes with a color-matched case protector and soft suede lining. This minimizes the chance of scratches. It is an unusual pouch design for sure, but we believe it offers something new and exciting to the accessory market.

You can find the selection of Atelier Romane × Fratello pouches here. Prices start at €73.50 / US$80 / £64 / CHF 73. These prices exclude VAT, which our system will automatically calculate upon checkout.

Atelier Romane × Fratello Watch Rolls shop

Atelier Romane × Fratello Watch Rolls

With these rolls, Atelier Romane took a classic concept for a six-watch roll and added its signature high-quality stitching and soft, pliable leather. The rolls utilize a simple, tried-and-true design but are the best we have ever encountered by far. The pliability of the leather means that you can roll them tightly, ensuring that the watches won’t move around. Furthermore, the extra layer of suede leather ensures that the watches won’t fall out.

We are offering the Atelier Romane × Fratello watch rolls in several colors for two and six watches (as pictured). These soft leather watch rolls are handmade in France. Prices start at €107 / US$116 / £93 / CHF 106. Again, these prices exclude VAT (calculated upon checkout). You can find these watch rolls here.

Artem HydroFlex Straps

We have been keeping a close eye on Artem for some time and have always been intrigued by its quest to create the best sailcloth strap possible to match the quality of the high-end brand’s OEM offerings.

The Artem HydroFlex line of straps brings new levels of comfort and wearability to sailcloth straps. Each version boasts fantastic sailcloth looks combined with the comfort of a slim rubber/FKM strap. Elements including tone-on-tone stitching, high-quality quick-release spring bars, and a beautifully finished buckle bring the whole package together to create a truly unique and distinctly high-end product.

The Artem HydroFlex straps (20mm only) are available in several colors. Soon, we will add more Artem accessories to our catalog. Our price is €206 / US$224 / £180 / CHF 204. The mentioned prices exclude VAT (calculated upon checkout). You can find the straps here.

Atelier Romane × Fratello Racing Straps

When choosing what leather to use for these racing straps, we found that traditional cow leather wasn’t right. Cow leather cannot be produced as thin as we would like these straps to be. Ultimately, we landed on pigskin leather for the straps and goatskin leather for the lining. This allowed Atelier Romane to create a fully stitched strap measuring just 2.3mm thick. The goatskin lining is hypoallergenic and ensures excellent comfort on the wrist.

The holes in a strap like this find their roots in the 1970s. The design takes inspiration from the most original weight-saving technique out there — cutting strategic holes in car parts to lighten the vehicle overall. Additionally, the holes in these straps ensure great ventilation for the wrist.

These racing straps are available in 18mm, 19mm, and 20mm widths and three different colors. Our price is €107 / US$116 / £93 / CHF 106. The mentioned prices exclude VAT, which is calculated upon checkout. You can find the racing straps here.

The official #SpeedyTuesday caps

#SpeedyTuesday has become one of the greatest online watch communities in the world, which is why we thought it would be fun to help make fellow Speedy fans known to each other (on the golf course, in the gym, at the beach, or anywhere else).

Our #SpeedyTuesday caps are available in one size (58cm). Don’t worry, though. Anyone can size this low-profile heavy brushed-cotton cap using the metal buckle on the back. The #SpeedyTuesday cap comes in three variations — black with a black logo, black with a white logo, and white with a black logo.

The price of the #SpeedyTuesday cap is €40.50 / US$44 / £36 / CHF 41. As with all the products above, these prices exclude VAT (calculated upon checkout). You can find the caps here in the Fratello Shop.

More to come to the Fratello Shop

We are working on adding more items to the Fratello Shop in different (and new) categories. Soon, we will have a special Plexiglass crystal polishing kit and a cleaning kit for your watches available. Both items have been tested by the Fratello team and have shown great results. We will keep you posted.