Are you looking for a beautiful watch to pair with your ugly Christmas sweater? A classy companion for the happiest time of the year? A way of keeping your eye on the time between spiked-eggnog-and-turkey-induced naps? Omega has your back! Not just one, but three new stunning models for the Globemaster Annual Calendar lineup are introduced just in time for the end-of-year festivities. These rather festive releases include a steel watch with a pale pine-green dial, a two-tone model with a burgundy dial, and a Sedna Gold bezel, as well as one in full 18K Sedna Gold.

As the end of November rolls around, and December sneaks up on us all, there’s no better time to get into the festive spirit. And what better way to help you do just that than three new releases from Omega? These are sure to keep your mind off the short, cold, and dark days ahead. Think cozy thoughts, chunky knitted sweaters sitting on your favorite comfy chair by the fire, and a stunning Globemaster on your wrist. It’s not there to help you keep track of busy appointments or mid-lockdown Christmas shopping. Not at all. Rather just to give you a sense of what day it is, in the lull of the holidays.

The Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar

Ever since their release in 2015 and 2016, we’ve covered the Globemaster and Annual Calendar variant ad nauseam. However, in spite of the fact that it isn’t one of Omega’s most popular models, we still love it. RJ even called it “Omega’s best-kept secret” in his article here. I must admit that this is a watch that only really came onto my radar after having started here at Fratello and seeing RJ’s 39mm Sedna Gold Globemaster on the wrist. There’s something undeniably charismatic about it. The 39/41mm case sizes and fluted bezel make for a perfect blend of sporty and dressy. While the pie-pan dial adds depth and character to the watch, drawing inspiration from the first Omega Constellation watches from 1952.

The Globemaster Annual Calendar adds to the base model’s time and date functions with a month pointer display on the dial. An abbreviation of each month, to which an extra hand on the center pinion points, is nestled between the hour markers. As RJ explained in the aforementioned article, the annual calendar complication is rather useful. It effectively means that you won’t have to jump the date forward more than once a year on the first of March. Other than that, the watch will keep track of the number of days in the month, and advance from the 30th/31st to the first accordingly.

Three new colorways

So, what’s new about the three models launched today? It’s all about seasonal colors. It’s not just dial variants we’re talking about here though. As you can see from the pictures kindly provided by Omega, there will also be three different cases. One in steel with a Christmas tree sun-brushed green dial. Over the dial, four 18K white gold hands match the silver-tone of the tungsten carbide bezel.

A two-tone version in steel and Sedna gold with a beautiful Bordeaux dial. The stainless steel case, topped with an 18K Sedna gold bezel and matching crown. The hands and indexes also match the golden details, and the Bordeaux leather strap is perfectly paired with the sub-brushed dial.

And finally a full Sedna gold model, with a matching 18K Sedna gold dial. This is indicated by the AU750 engraved below the pinion. This rose-gold tone is shared by the hands, Omega logo, and star on the dial. Juxtaposed to the deep black onyx used on the hands and indexes, and matching glossy black leather strap.

Final thoughts

So there you have it. Three new Globemaster Annual Calendar watches from Omega, right on time for the holidays. Two of which feature Omega’s Caliber 8922, with the Sedna gold model powered by the 8923, both Co-Axial Master Chronometer Annual Calendar movements. The primary difference between the two movements is the superior finishing on the 8923. We have three watches, but only two price points. The steel/green model comes in at €8,400 with the two-tone Bordeaux-dialed version will retail for €11,200. However, if the 18K Sedna gold model is the one you’re after, you’ll have to reach out to your local boutique. For now, check out the Omega website here.