This is something a little different. It’s the Space Ludens watch by Anicorn Watches in cooperation with Kojima Productions and approved by NASA. Now that is a mouth full, is it not? “Hey what is that on your wrist?” “Oh, this? This is a Kojima Productions × NASA × Anicorn Space Ludens. What are you wearing?” And you can rest assured that people will inquire about your watch because this is an eye-catcher indeed.

We have a lot to unpack here, so let’s get stuck in.

From Sapiens to Ludens

Loosely translated, “from knowing to playing”. This is the creed of game developer Hideo Kojima. If you played a lot of video games in the ’90s as I did, you surely know Metal Gear Solid. Hideo Kojima originally designed the first Metal Gear in 1987. His current game, Death Stranding, is another smash hit. Kojima is, to put it mildly, gaming royalty.

The Kojima Productions company mascot is Ludens, an astronaut often depicted with a Kojima logo flag. His Extra-Vehicular Creative Activity suit has a distinct design language that formed the inspiration for the watch we see here.


On to the watch brand of the three parties. Anicorn might not immediately ring a bell with all. The Hong Kong-based watch brand has a taste for cooperative projects and has made watches in cooperation with Daniel Arsham, M/M, Philip Colbert, and a NASA-endorsed collection, among others.

Dave had a closer look at Anicorn’s previous effort with M/M Paris. It was another bit of evidence that these guys are happy to go off the beaten tracks. That watch came in three versions, limited to 250 pieces in total. Today’s watch comes in two versions, which I’ll expand upon a bit later.

Kojima Productions × NASA × Anicorn Space Ludens

The “torque sensor” engraving is for decorative purposes. No torque sensed here, as far as I could discover.

The Space Ludens

The watch that Anicorn and Kojima came up with is based on a circular dial and bezel in a square case. It is NASA co-branded, which makes the fictional Ludens feel a little more real. It’s as if NASA actually issued these to some division of space-traveling adventurers. As I understand it, the watch is a licensed product rather than an actual cooperative effort with the space agency in design or development.

Kojima Productions × NASA × Anicorn Space Ludens

The dial looks like it is part of a circuit board, with circular brushing and embossed patterns. An applied gold-tone segment echoes the applied gold parts on Ludens’s suit. So do the four golden screws on the corners of the case. They look as if they keep the wide, flat bezel in place. A unique handset features a rotating gold disk as the seconds hand.

The Space Ludens comes on a stainless steel bracelet with a single-link design. The clasp is particularly cool, looking like it came from the belt of an ejector seat. Anicorn includes a second strap, which is leather with an embossed carbon fiber pattern. Both the strap and bracelet feature quick-release spring bars.

Space Ludens specs

The square case measures 39mm across and 49mm from lug to lug with a height of 12mm. The case is made of 316L stainless steel, and the water resistance is specified at 50 meters. We find sapphire crystals on both the front and the backside of the watch.

This allows for a mostly unobstructed view of the Miyota 8215 caliber inside (apart from the Kojima Productions decoration in white). This Japanese movement beats at 21,600 beats per hour and delivers a power reserve of 42 hours. The specified accuracy is -20 to +40 seconds per day.

You can scare your kids or rob a bank if you go for the Rare Edition with the Ludens mask. Satchel sold separately.

Price and availability

The Space Ludens Limited Edition is priced at US$940 and is limited to 500 pieces. The Space Ludens Rare Edition comes with a life-size Ludens mask. Anicorn limited this version to 100 pieces and priced it at US$1,540.

Kojima Productions × NASA × Anicorn Space Ludens

The watch is available for purchase exclusively through the Anicorn website. Orders can be placed from 8:00 AM EST / 9:00 PM JST / 8:00 PM HKT on September 27th.

What do the gamers out there think of this watch? Do you think the design resonates with anyone outside the gaming community? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.