No Breitlings, Pateks or IWC

Robert-Jan Broer
September 20, 2005
No Breitlings, Pateks or IWC

I get a lot of e-mails lately, to quote my best price on watches I even have never held in my hands. So, to clear a few things, I do not sell new watches. I might sell some used watches occasionally, from my own collection or those of friends, but I don’t sell new Breitling Bentley models or Patek Philippe Calatrava. People seem to think, after reading an article (some times full of bashing) they can order it right away.

Oh, and I recently got two e-mails on the name Fratello Watches. To some it looks like a commercial name or website, but it is not. Fratello is Italian for Brother, which is Broer in Dutch, which is my last name. And Watches… well, that’s what it is about! (most of the time at least)

Anyway, I am in Casablanca (Morocco) now so (I know) it is a bit quiet on the watch related posts, please be patient. I will be back on the 26th of September.

In the meanwhile, enjoy OmegaBlogger’s new watch winder. A very special design and very suitable for Omega watches.

Also check-out RolexBlogger, although I don’t get his subtitle ‘The Unofficial Rolex Blog’ (will there ever be an official Rolex blog?) and I am curious when Rolex is going to write some letters to them because they use the name Rolex in the URL (remember He had to rename it, is his latest :-)). Anyway, congrats and goodluck to another fellow watchblogger!

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