It was on November 9th 1989 when Berlin was reunited after over 28 years of a big wall that separated East- from West-Berlin. On the 3rd of October all of Germany was reunited. Nomos celebrates the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall with two Orion 1989 watches.

Nomos was founded in 1990 in Glashütte, in the east part of Germany, only two months after the fall of the Berlin wall and in the same year when Germany was reunited. In 1992 Nomos hit the market with 4 different models, including the Orion. Of course, not only Nomos grew out to be a world renown watch brand from this former DDR village and heart of German watchmaking, also brands like A. Lange & Söhne were revived and now enjoy world fame. Click here to see the photo report of our earlier Nomos manufacture visit.

The persistence of these brands is phenomenal and gained respect from watch enthusiasts all over the world. There is no reason to think these Glashütte brands are in the shade of Swiss watchmaking. A number of these Glashütte brands, including Nomos, have been able to design, develop and manufacture their own in-house movements.

Nomos Orion 1989

Nomos decided to come up with two Orion watches, called the Orion 1989. There is a 38mm and a 33mm version, for him and her, featuring the Alpha Nomos calibre movement. This hand-wound movement features the famous Glashütte 3/4 plate, Glashütte ribbing and Nomos perlage finish and the ratchet and crown wheel with sun burst decoration. A feast for the eyes for watch aficionados.

NomosBoth watches are fitted with a galvanized dial, in the so-called November gray color. The hour markers are diamond polished, the minute markers are stamped. Both watches have curved sapphire crystals on both front and back.

The 33mm ladies model has reference number 326 and the 38mm gents version has reference number 385.We will soon hope to give you more information about the prices. Nomos normally has a very attractive price tag, starting at 1600 USD. The current Orion 38 models are a bit more expensive than that, probably also due to the in-house movement. We will soon update with official pricing information on the Orion 1989 watches.

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