We are about to change the masterhead (logo on top of the page) on the Omega Forum, and YOU can help us pick one. Till last monday, everyone could contribute a logo or picture to be the new masterhead. Tomorrowmorning, I collected all contributions and put them in a gallery on my webserver and now you can participate picking one of the fabulous Omega pictures / photos to be on top of the Omega Forum page. If you are an Omegan, you should click here and participate!.

  • I found your blog on http://www.blogshares.com. Will you be changing the masthead for your blog also?

  • Robert-Jan Broer

    Hello Carla, as soon as I find out how I can add my own logo without trashing the WordPress layout, I will do it. I have a logo read for use. Will my weblog raise in value on blogshares if I do? 🙂