Although Omega is one of my favorite brands, I remain critical to their latest additions like the DeVille Co-Axial (they should have named this ‘Constellation’ since it has a lot of characteristics from the ’50s and ’60s Constellation pie-pan models), Broad Arrow (the watch itself is nice, but the way how Omega markets this watch.. tribute to the Moonwatch, give me a break) and the Aqua Terra (the design is too similair with the Rolex Oyster Date, Airking and Explorer models). Taste is personal ofcourse, so I don’t mind if you don’t agree. 🙂

However, their latest addition, Planet Ocean of the Seamaster range is a refreshing watch! I am still not certain about the hands, but the watch itself is great! I had a Seamaster Professional (Bond) for a long time, and I loved it. This one also comes with helium valve crown, but that never bothered me on the Seamaster Professional.

I guess this watch will officialy being introduced on the Basel fair.

  • I like it, the more models the co-axial movement in them the better imho.

    They would never admit it publically, but I wonder how many other manufactures could kick themselves for not courting George Daniels when he was shopping his new escapement around?


  • Rob

    Dit doet me toch wel heel veel aan een klok denken, die jij ook hebt RJ. Hmm, hoe heet dat merk ook alweer? Begint met een R en eindigt op lex….
    Ik vind deze Seamaster niks iig. Just my 2ct.

  • Martijn

    I’m also a big fan of Omega, but this one is terrible! They want to create a “family-face” for all their collections, but this looks like somebody submersible Speedmaster. To me this looks like a frankenwatch, with the bezel edge of the Sub and the dial of an old FF. Omega, you can do better then this! RJ, thanks for not putting the Orange-version up!


  • Adrian

    I don’t like the hands, bezel and bracelet too Submariner. But the numerals are a nice touch and being a co-axial helps. If comparing looks, I like the SMP 2000 better than this. Although the SMP Bond is still my all them fav.

  • Dominic

    Omega make the best sports watches and this is yet another example of a tough go anywhere watch which you can still where with a suit to a meeting or with a dinner suit to a function.

  • Doug Weimann

    Omega makes amazing time pieces though I am still partial to my Seiko I found on 112th in Manhattan. It can be had to make out the time due to the scratched and cracked face, but ultimately, I think this Omega is a bit better than my Seiko.

  • Brian

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I like the looks of the Planet Ocean a lot!

  • Victor

    What a beautiful watch. I´ve asked to see it in various shops, and I finally got one last Monday. First time I spend so much on a watch. It really looks the business. I love its classic look, especially with the brown leather strap. I still like my Seiko Artura though!

  • glenf

    A beautiful watch indeed!
    I wear an orange bezel model everyday and prefer it to my Tag Heuer Monza.

  • Will Likens

    I just bought the 42mm planet ocean black bezel,and i love it .It is a really solid watch.

  • Sheldon Deng ( MALAYSIA )

    I am a BIG fan of OMEGA. Saw the ads on WOW recently in our local WOW mag. Checkout the real units and…fell in love with the ORANGE and the BLK- Planet Ocean. I must say..the weight and solidness is impressive…thus, got them both…;) no regrets watsoever…;)

  • Jed

    I’ve heard that a weak aspect of the Seamaster line is the crown stem, which is not thick and tends to wobble. How is the crown stem in the Planet Ocean?

  • Joshua

    I have just purchased a PO Big Size. However, the bazel is wobbling a millimeter in its place – is this natural?
    Also, the logo of the Seamaster on the back is not staight and is pointing to the side – is this OK, or does this mean that the watch has been opened before I bought it?

  • bill

    I have had many watches and I thought I could not like any better than my seamster until I bought the planet ocean. from the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. now I have both and would not trade either one for anything.

  • I can see what the other commentators mean although I for one would love to be wearing this watch, if I could afford it! Omegas of all models have a certain feel and distinction from other luxury brands and the Seamaster series continues to excite their loyal fans. Faced with a hard choice (which I will never find myself in probably!) between an Omega watch and a Rolex then Omega wins on looks and sustainability any day of the week.

  • Chris Horton

    I broke down and purchased the 45mm PO model about a month ago. Never before have I spent this much on a watch before but it is worth every penny !!!!!!! This feels like a watch and not a bracelet. Everyone has a Rolex but after a few of my friends with them put on my PO they are considering trading up to the PO. That my honest opinion.

  • Bondbro

    Bro this is the best watch ever, super accurate, heavy and extremely solid. Get this one bro.

  • Sheldon Deng

    Ditto that!

  • Bill Lasher

    I rarely need a time piece, but when I’m not relying on my many man friends (and there are many) I use this watch. To know me, is to know this time piece. In fact, when you use this watch, a part of me is aroused unknowingly.