Although Omega is one of my favorite brands, I remain critical to their latest additions like the DeVille Co-Axial (they should have named this ‘Constellation’ since it has a lot of characteristics from the ’50s and ’60s Constellation pie-pan models), Broad Arrow (the watch itself is nice, but the way how Omega markets this watch.. tribute to the Moonwatch, give me a break) and the Aqua Terra (the design is too similair with the Rolex Oyster Date, Airking and Explorer models). Taste is personal ofcourse, so I don’t mind if you don’t agree. 🙂

However, their latest addition, Planet Ocean of the Seamaster range is a refreshing watch! I am still not certain about the hands, but the watch itself is great! I had a Seamaster Professional (Bond) for a long time, and I loved it. This one also comes with helium valve crown, but that never bothered me on the Seamaster Professional.

I guess this watch will officialy being introduced on the Basel fair.