If you, or your kids, find yourself bored in the house and in the house bored, you can now grab your Caran d’Ache coloring pencils and download Omega’s coloring book.

To be honest, I have lots of things to do and when I am not working I have my newly founded hobby with my fellow Fratelli to work on (click here). But if you have a kid, or more than one, you will probably run out of ideas at some point to keep them occupied. These days can be quite a bit of a challenge, as you know.

Omega Coloring Book

Yesterday, Omega sent out a link to a wonderful book with drawings to all their newsletter subscribers. You can download the 20-page book from their website, print them, and start coloring. My daughter already started and loves the drawings from the book.

Coloring book Omega

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You can find the coloring book here.