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Pastiche Patches – Where Every WIS Finds Something They Like

How a college side-business became one of the coolest watch accessory brands on the internet
Balazs Ferenczi
August 19, 2019
Pastiche Patches – Where Every WIS Finds Something They Like

If you are frequent on the Instagram watch scene, I’m sure you’ve already come across Pastiche Patches.

To me, Pastiche Patches falls into the same category as @adpatina or @ctournierwatchdraw. They fill a void in the watch community, a void we never knew before. But when we see their products, we need to have them, even if we have no idea what we are going to do with them. I mean, we – grown-up men and women – buy Lego sets of rockets and lunar modules. Build them then proudly display them in the living room.  Or collect beer bottle caps that commemorate one of humankind’s greatest achievement. Perhaps, just as I hinted above, collect vintage magazine ads of our favorite timepieces, frame them and hang them in our home or office walls. So why shouldn’t there be a company where you could buy the most awesome patches? Luckily for you, there is such a company, and their name is Pastiche Patches.

Pastiche Patches

The magic of Instagram

I came across Pastiche Patches a few months ago while browsing through some image on Instagram. I was following a specific hashtag and received a notification.  Users posted new photos using the #. So, I checked them out, and from one image, I jumped to an account following the tags. Then to the next one and so on. You know, the Instagram rabbit hole. This was when I stumbled upon the first Pastiche Patch, the white and blue Pan-Am logo. I followed the tagged account from that user’s image, and I could not believe what I saw. A bunch of great iron-on patches all, in one way or another, connected to this crazy watch hobby. The exciting thing was not only the items but the various images from happy customers showing how they used the patches on hats, shirts, bags, or just as cool photo props.


Pastiche Patches

I wanted to know more. So, I contacted Johan (the name behind Pastiche Patches) and asked him to tell me about the beginning. As he told me, the idea is not too old. It dates back to 2016 when Johan was still in college eager to make a buck with a side business. „I was told by a good friend of mine to focus on selling something that can be tossed into a small envelope with a regular stamp, in order to not transform my small apartment into supply storage.” The business plan was ready, but he still needed a product, though. Luckily for Johan, mother nature came to his rescue. “The summer was just around the corner, and I came up with the idea when I couldn’t find any nice-looking patches to customize my bomber jacket and thought -I’ll make my own patches!”

I have to say he already hit a home run with the first patch. “The first release was the “black lung” from the rare Doxa “SUB300 no-T” followed by the “no-radiation” and the submariner patch.” After that, the business took off. If you visit Pastiche Patches, you will see that currently, he has over 20 designs. They vary from smaller rectangular black and white to large colorful patches. Rolex, Tudor, Grand Seiko, Omega, Doxa are just some of the brand names you’ll find among Johan’s assortment. “The top seller is by far the Submariner patch followed by the Heuer and the Rolex crown. I guess the simplicity and the “under the radar”-look of the submariner patch is the reason behind the success. ” As Johan is a vintage dive watch guy, it is no coincidence that the shop is a bit heavy on this theme.

Pastiche Patches

Around the world

During this short period of time since Pastiche Patches came to the market, Johan sold his items all over the world. “Shipping the first orders was something special, “says with a bit of sentimentality “but I still get the same feeling leaving an order at my post office. Seeing my patches all over the world in tagged photos just makes my day.” He could not be more right. If you browse through his Instagram page you see a bunch of photos from happy customers around the world; The Netherlands, Singapore, France, Sweden, Puerto Rico, the list goes on and on. When I asked him how does he come up with his designs again, he gave me an answer that can only come from a passionate watch guy. “I have tried to make a wide range of patches as I know there is a lot of watch-collectors that is very dedicated to one or two brands and would love to show the dedication on a piece of fabric.”

Pastiche Patches

Vintage Diver

As Johan explained above, he is a vintage diver guy. “Watches have been a great passion for me for the last seven or eight years with a special interest in vintage diving watches. I just love the fact that they were instruments rather than jewelry by the time they were on the market.” He also has a pretty cool wishlist, I must say. “Doxa has been one of my favorite brands during the whole period. I would love to get my hands on a vintage black lung to match my black lung patch one day” I sincerely hope that he’ll find that unique piece he is lusting after. Whether you want to support Johan on his hunt for his special piece or wish to get a few cool patches for your special pieces to make sure you check Pastiche Patches out.

Pastiche Patches

You can find Pastiche Patches on Instagram and make a quick order on his website.

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