All Hallows’ Eve. My favorite time of year. And I’m not alone in this. Watchmakers also revel in putting a spooky spin on their collections. For this week’s Pre-Owned Picks, I am selecting three watches with an occult theme. What may surprise you is how collectible some of these watches have become or will become.

Horror films are my guilty pleasure. I am far more likely to select a terrible horror film on streaming services over an acclaimed drama. Many share my deep fascination with horror fantasy, whether that stems from books, art, poetry or motion pictures. Some of the characters within are so ingrained that you can distinguish them from only a few subtle shapes. Konstantin Chaykin uses this recognition to incorporate into its Wristmon collection. However, you won’t find its most famous “Joker” watch on my list. He may be Batman’s most notorious nemesis, but Joker is still a comic book villain. Instead, I only focus on horror characters or symbols of Halloween.

All these watches were selected carefully by me without any influence from Chrono24. I chose the topic and found suitable wristwatches that related to the topic. I only request the high-resolution photos from Chrono24 without the watermark. As these are only my suggestions, it is worth always carrying out your research on the watch details and the seller. Ask as many relevant questions you feel are necessary for the watch, and a good seller should answer with accuracy and honesty.

Konstantin Chaykin Dracula

Konstantin Chaykin Dracula

If you are new to Konstantin Chaykin, allow me to explain the dial of its Wristmon collection. The two discs rotate in the regulator fashion with hours on the left indicated independently from the minutes on the right. The position of the moon phase display is also upside down. In this configuration, it naturally represents a face. With the base set, then comes the explosion of creativity and embellishment that Chaykin labors on a suite of special editions.

The Dracula  watch has the best anti-reflective coating you can buy…Mwah ha ha.

It is the details and variety of engine-turned finishes that result in a genuinely enticing timepiece. The Dracula takes it one step further by protruding the fangs from 10 pm and retracting at 2 am. This is the time when the vampire’s blood-sucking powers are at their most potent. The example on Chrono24 is at quite a high price already, and that may be hard to swallow. But these pieces are heating up due to the relative scarcity. It also comes with box and papers. With the Dracula dial, the watch also has the best anti-reflective coating you can buy on the market. If I was a dad, consider that a “dad joke”.

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Price: €20,909

Konstantin Chaykin Green Pumpkin Head

Konstantin Chaykin Green Halloween Pumpkin Head

At the top of this article, I mention that Konstantin Chaykin was a brand on the rise. Seemingly out of nowhere, the collection’s captivating style cut a niche in the market. We endlessly retort on value appreciation of the likes of Rolex and Patek, yet Chaykin’s genuinely limited production output is still not enough to satisfy the growing demand. Sky said it best on Fratello last year:

“Remember that, Joker? A seemingly fun watch with all the serious horological credentials which charmed the collectors’ market barely two years ago amidst the doom and gloom. Back when it was available, it retailed for €6,990 or $7,550. It was a limited series of just 99 pieces created by Russian independent watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin, who also served as the President of Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI) in 2017 and 2018.

“A quick search on Chrono24, the Konstantin Chaykin Joker watches are listed from $13,000 to $18,000 at the time of writing. When was the last time you saw an appreciation at this rate from any brand, significant or small, other than the usual suspects from Rolex and Omega? And here we are talking about a niche independent without a marketing machine behind it, pumping massive communication or influencer budgets to feed the hype.”

That was at the time of writing and only just a year later that price range has extended further. My second pick is the Konstantin Chaykin Green Halloween Pumpkin Head. As the limitation was set at 88 examples, within a flash, all had gone. The design’s main inspiration is the jack o’ lantern carried by the Headless Horseman in the “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” tale. This is the universal symbol of Halloween, much like the pine tree is to Christmas. The 42mm bronze case develops an oxidation layer over time, lending to the gothic theme. This example on Chrono24 includes box and papers and is unworn despite showing signs of patina.

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Price: €18,200

Bell & Ross BR01 Laughing Skull

Bell & Ross BR01 Laughing Skull

Skulls are not inherently scary. We all have one, after all. However, render it in bronze with sinister luminescent paint, and you have the makings of a Halloween mask for the wrist. Bell & Ross take its instrument panel-inspired BR01 model from the air to the sea. With the Jolly Roger skull and crossbones motif, the 46mm square case resembles an amulet for opening sunken treasure. A hidden secret is the Super-LumiNova application covering the whole of the skull face, which would be a frightening glow in the middle of the night.

Admittedly, I am not the biggest BR01 fan. It just sits awkwardly on my wonky wrists. But there is something about the ghost pirate skull watch that combines perfectly with the square case shape. It is possibly a holdover from the Only Watch Bell & Ross BR01 Skull Tourbillon from 2015. I still believe that is the best watch Bell & Ross has ever done. As the name suggests, it is a unique piece for one lucky owner. Drop the Tourbillon, produce more examples and sign me up.

My pre-owned pick here is the closest option we have to the Only Watch version. Even though it tones down the pirate traits, it still retains the sword and dagger hands. It also has the bonus of proportionate placement of indices that are lacking on the unique Skull Tourbillon. The listing on Chrono24 lacks the box and papers but is offered for a palatable price.

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Price: €5,214

We hope you enjoyed this Halloween rendition of Pre-Owned Picks. Happy (Zombie) Hunting!