We all know the SKX, the Alpinist, and the Turtle, to name just a few of Seiko’s most famous models. But what do you get when looking further than those usual suspects? I went out on a little stroll through the more than 20,000 Seiko watches currently listed on Chrono24. And instead of picking out the best examples of vintage Seiko divers, I’ll highlight a few of Seiko’s watches that don’t enjoy as much fame as their peers. Here goes today’s Pre-Owned Spotlight.

With a long history and a huge global reach, Seiko has manufactured millions of watches over the years. During my stroll, it was surprising to see how many of those watches belonged to the same family. Apart from the famous models I mentioned above, there were also a lot of King Seikos and Cocktail Times on offer. It was actually hard to find some more original references. But in the end, I think I found some nice ones, and there might even be a nice bargain in there for you as well. Let’s take a look.

Credor 9461-5010 Seiko watches

Image: Plus Ultra

A Credor designed by the one and only Gérald Genta

Watches with integrated bracelets are still selling like hotcakes these days. That’s why many brands currently have one in their catalogs. It’s not always easy, though, to find one with an original look and feel. But if you’re willing to go neo-vintage, I think Seiko’s sister brand Credor could be a great option. The Credor reference 9461-5010 is a 1981 two-tone quartz watch that will make many people ask you what you’re wearing on your wrist. I, at least, was not aware of this watch until today’s stroll.

Credor 9461-5010 Seiko watches

Image: Plus Ultra

But I think it certainly doesn’t look out of place in today’s field of integrated-bracelet sports watches. And that’s, of course, because this watch was designed by Mr. Integrated Bracelet himself, Gérald Genta. It’s also fitted with Seiko’s high-accuracy 9461 Twin Quartz movement that should keep it ticking within ten seconds a year. The case looks nice and thin, and at only 37mm in diameter, it should wear like a charm. It’s for sale for €4,800, which is a lot less than most of Genta’s creations that are currently on offer.

Seiko watches Prospex SBDP021

Image: Houbidou

Seiko Prospex SBDP021 Bullhead Chronograph

Now we go from something more elegant to something a bit sportier and sturdier. Takuya Yura is a Japanese race car designer who, among other things, designed several Super GT race cars. But he also worked with Seiko on the design of this titanium Prospex SBDP021 Bullhead Chronograph. Basically, it’s a titanium stopwatch inside a full titanium wristwatch case. By turning the bezel, you can lock and unlock the inner case to reach the pushers on the stopwatch.

Image: WatchCharts

This watch almost looks like a combination of Tudor’s Black Bay P01 and a stopwatch. It has a nicely “integrated” bracelet connecting to the semi-skeletonized lugs, and the orange chronograph hands pop against the black dial. With its 44.5mm diameter, it must look like a beast on the wrist. However, the titanium keeps the weight down, and I guess it’s nice to know your watch will be all right after a couple of laps around the track. This one’s for sale for just under €1,300 in Japan, of course.

Image: WatchUSeek

Grand Seiko SBGX071: the budget GS quartz

I used to own a Grand Seiko SBGX093. It’s a watch with an angular 39mm case and one of Grand Seiko’s very accurate 9F61 quartz movements. I enjoyed the watch, but its more modern looks were a bit out of my comfort zone. I was very pleased with that highly accurate quartz movement, though, so I sometimes think about getting another GS quartz piece as an always-ready-to-go watch. However, they’re certainly not the cheapest quartz watches on the market.

It’s hard to find good ones for less than €2,000, but during my little stroll, I found this SBGX071. It has a modest 37mm case, a playful two-tone minute track, and a very handy date. It’s a no-nonsense watch that definitely doesn’t have the most daring looks, but maybe that’s exactly what you want from a simple yet very accurate quartz Grand Seiko. And the best part is that this reference is for sale somewhere around €1,000. That really is a bargain compared to the other quartz Grand Seiko models out there.

Image: Closer

Let’s go out with a bang!

It’s funny to see how I ended up with three quartz watches. I didn’t have any expectations or requirements during my search, but apparently, these quartz watches stood out to me the most. I did find one remarkable mechanical Seiko watch, though. I have to warn you because it’s not one of Seiko’s best designs. It’s called the Seiko Galante, but it doesn’t look that “gallant” to me. I won’t use too many words to describe it. I think it’s best if you just take a look at the picture above and yell, “Visca Barcelona!”

What are your favorite unknown Seiko watches out there? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image: WatchCharts