Earlier today, I had the chance to visit the Sinn Boutique in Frankfurt.  I was with a friend who was interested in potentially buying a 103, so I took the opportunity to see if the just-announced blue pieces (T1 & T2 divers and the L.E. 103 A Sa B) were in stock: they were!  I think the bullk of what has been published on the web has been based on press photos, so I took the opportunity to take a few pictures.  Sadly, I do mean only a few shots because the Sinn store was hopping!  I was there at roughly 3pm and there were no less than 3 people (locals, not tourist groups) buying new Sinns.  So, time was limited but I hope you enjoy seeing the blues in “real” lighting.

Sinn 103 in blue strap

Sinn 103 A Sa B

My take: The Sinn 103 A Sa B looks really nice in blue.  I’d possibly change the strap to make the dial “pop” a bit more, but the blue strap looked nice nonetheless.  It has a darker, electroplated blue dial that really radiates.

Sinn 103 Blue

The L.E. Sinn 103 A Sa B has a great blue bezel insert

The bezel reminds me a little of the Tudor Sumariners of yore.  At 1999 Eurosand as a limited edition of only 500 units, it is going FAST.  This watch was officially announced on August 20th and I was told that there are only a few left.  Perhaps some were allocated to foreign markets, but if you’re in the EU and want one, you’d better hustle.

Sinn T1 Blue

The Sinn T1 in blue on blue silicone strap

Sinn T1 & T2

My take: The Sinn T1 and T2 divers have always been under-the-radar watches from the brand, but they really are great looking and supremely comfortable due to a great case shape and their titanium construction.  The blue looks fantastic and is almost a matte gray/blue.  Note that the blue version loses the “barber shop” striping on its sweep second hand.  The T1 starts at 2490 Euros on leather and the T2 starts at 2290 Euros.  I own a T2 and if the blue version had been available, it would have been a horse race for sure!

Sinn T2 blue on bracelet

The new Sinn T2 in blue on bracelet

I hope you enjoyed a very brief look at the new Sinn blue watches in non stock photo lighting.  They’re great pieces from a great brand!

More info on Sinn can be found here.