When I think of typical Ressence colors, I do not think of green. The first colors that pop into my mind are black, white, and blue. But that’s not to say that Ressence has never released watches with green dials before. The brand has, and the results were quite stunning indeed. In some cases, I prefer them over the versions with the aforementioned dial colors. That’s why I was happily surprised to find out that Ressence founder Benoît Mintiens picked sage green as the dial color for his new Ressence Type 8S. One year after the introduction of the Type 8, the model returns with a stunning green dial. This piece reveals the great beauty of both the chosen color and the impressive simplicity of the overall design.

Those who follow Ressence will know that the brand released a series of green-dialed watches in 2020 to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The so-called X-Series consisted of the Type 1 Squared X, Type 5X, Type 3X, and Type 1 Slim X, all with different green dials. The standouts for me were the olive-green Type 1 Slim X and Type 1 Squared X. The shade and depth of those two dials were exceptionally beautiful. Ressence also created a green Type 1 Slim Limited Edition for Mr. Porter that looked really nice. With the new TYPE 8S, Mintiens explores a different shade of green with stunning results.

Ressence Type 8S

The great effects of the simplicity of the Ressence Type 8S

Only 12 months have passed since Ressence introduced the first Type 8 right before Watches and Wonders 2022. The watch was on display at the fair, and it was one of the pieces that intrigued me and many Ressence fans the most. It was the subject of much praise, not only for its brilliant design and execution but also because it became the most affordable watch in the Ressence lineup. The Type 8 brings the brand more within reach for many fans of Mintiens’s work.

Ressence Type 8S

Dave wrote the introductory article for the blue Type 8C and perfectly explained the ideas behind the design and the movement. Additionally, George Cramer wrote a great review as the proud owner of the blue Type 8C. In the review, he discussed the overall impact of the Type 8 versus its bigger brothers. And Mintiens’s biggest accomplishment is making this seemingly simple time-only Type 8 as intriguing and impactful as its Ressence stablemates. So let’s recap some of the magic of the Type 8S before we get into the biggest change compared to last year’s model.

The ultralight titanium case

The Ressence Type 8S features a 42.9mm Grade 5 titanium case that is incredibly lightweight. The watch weighs a mere 42 grams with the strap or 33 grams without it. It makes it the lightest of all the Ressence models available. As George explained, the watch is so light that you hardly notice you are wearing it. But as soon as the design of the brilliant case catches your eye, it reminds you of the brilliance of the piece. The tapered case has a modern, slim silhouette and ingenious sandwich-style construction. Its design places the lugs behind a small “skirt,” as Dave described it, which perfectly hides the strap’s connection point and creates smoothly flowing lines on the wrist.

Ressence Type 8S

The case features a mixture of polished and brushed surfaces to cleverly emphasize the unique lines of the case. As we know from other Ressence models, the crown is integrated into the case back, ensuring that the flowing lines are uninterrupted. The titanium case back intuitively rotates to set the time while simultaneously winding the mechanical movement. The result of all this is a watch that is 42.9mm in diameter, only 11mm thick, and super comfortable to wear.

Ressence Type 8S

The brilliant sage-green dial

Underneath the domed sapphire crystal, you will find the metallic matte sage-green dial. The convex dial is also made from Grade 5 titanium, ensuring that the weight is as low as possible. And in great Ressence style, the dial design forgoes a traditional layout with central-mounted hands in favor of something much more spectacular.

The convex dial rotates to indicate the minutes and features a smaller dial that also rotates to indicate the hours. As a result, the whole dial is constantly moving, creating an ever-changing view. The engraved hour and minute indicators are filled with Super-LumiNova for maximum impact in the dark as well.

The ROCS 8 module that powers the Type 8S

Responsible for the technical wizardry of the rotating dials is Ressence’s ROCS module. For the Type 8, the brand developed the ROCS 8, which, just like its peers, is based on the traditional ETA caliber 2892-2. This automatic movement operates at 28,800vph, has 31 jewels, and delivers a 36-hour power reserve. It has been heavily customized and reinforced to meet the brand’s needs. One of the optimizations is using jewel ball bearings to ensure a durable, long-lasting, oil-free operation.

Initial impressions of the Ressence Type 8S

While the Ressence Type 8 might not be a completely new model, it still offers that exciting feel of a new timepiece. The combination of the case design, the time-only dial, and the wonderful sage-green color makes for a genuinely striking watch. Knowing that it is the most affordable Ressence timepiece at CHF 12,500 (excluding taxes) makes it even more attractive to people who are considering adding a Ressence to their collection.

With the Type 8S, Ressence has made another timepiece that makes a more impactful statement than many other watches in the same price category. This makes the Type 8S one of the watches to check out at Watches and Wonders. You can check out the piece in all its glory in Geneva at the Ressence booth from March 27th to April 5th, 2023. The Ressence Type 8S will go on sale in May 2023, and I’m sure that after just seeing the pictures, plenty of people would love to add one to their collection. Once again, Benoît Mintiens shows his brilliance with the Type 8S with this unique green dial. Sometimes making the maximum impact is as simple as picking the right color.

For more information, visit the official Ressence website.