I read about this brand before, also on WristWatchReview.com, but the last Dutch copy of Miljonair Magazine (and I am not the target audience probably :-)) did a small essay on ‘bling’ watches. Ritmo Mundo and ofcourse the terrible creations for hiphopping USA, Jacob & Co were both heavily mentioned in the article as being awfully hip and populair amongst Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, 50 cents and a lot of his iced homies.

To quote probably the same target audience, these watches are “like school on sunday… no class!”

  • It’s not 50 cents, it’s 50 cent. These watches are a stylish way to say “look at me” and identify yourself as important.

  • Robert-Jan

    50 cent, 50 schments, whatever. It is quite sad that you need a watch to identify yourself as important, I assume you agree with me on that 🙂 These watches are not stylish in any way, they look like cheap watches that can be won on a fancy fair. But then again, maybe 50 cent is into that.

  • Heather

    If you’re complaining about classic pieces, there are very many classic pieces in the collection. It all depends on the dial you choose (with many varriations of color) and if you prefer: the satin, alligator, leather strap or stainless steel bracelet. Ali did an awesome job creating fashionable watches. I now have a fun watch to go with my fun wardrobe and accessories.

  • Aaron

    An Italian watch? Isn’t that like buying a Portuguese scotch? Or a Czech pasta?

    Totally. Ghey.