A few days ago, I posted about the new Dutch Rolex Forum. In the mean while, it is on line and running. Although they seem to have had a few technical difficulties, the number of users and posts is growing every day. The RolexForum.nl site is managed by Peter, Karel and Gerard.

For the non-Dutch speakers, there are a lot of alternatives ofcourse. My personal preference is still the German ‘Das Rolex Forum‘. Here is a list of a few ‘known’ on line Rolex Forums. If you are into this brand, just give them a visit and decide what you like best 🙂

Das Rolex Forum (www.r-l-x.de) – German
RolexForum.nl (www.rolexforum.nl) – Dutch
The BJSOnline Rolex Forum (www.network54.com/Forum/380354/)
WatchUseek Rolex Forum (www.watchuseek.com)
The Ultimate Rolex Forum (www.newturfers.com)
TimeZone Rolex Forum (www.timezone.com)