Evolution is a funny thing. When something crawls from the ocean and spends too much time on land, it will start to change. So when you take a diving watch out of the water and stop it from going back, over time it will start to change. One of the first things that might take on a new form is the diving bezel. Perhaps it might morph into a compass ring? Let’s see what life on land has done to this new series of Seiko Prospex watches and whether these latest iterations strike a chord.

Seiko Prospex watches are generally associated with diving. That makes sense since these watches have quite an underwater history. But there are also Prospex models that were designed with functioning especially well in the air and on land. And that’s why Seiko created the different “Sea”, “Sky”, “Land”, and “Street” categories in the Prospex collection. The four different species of Seiko Prospex watches we’re looking at are the beige/green SRPG13K1, the blue/gray SRPG15K1, the black SRPG17K1 with gold details, and the brown SRPG18K1 with a gold-colored steel case.

Maybe it’s smart to talk prices right away since the article about the limited deep blue SLA049J1 and unlimited dark gray SLA051J1 stirred some discussion about the pricing of these watches — the Prospex Naomi Uemura 80th Anniversary Limited Edition SLA049J1 costs €3,200, and the non-limited SLA051 has a price of €3,000. These prices were considered steep. The brown and gold version you see here, however, has a much more approachable price tag of just €590. The other three are set even lower at €540. Now we have that out of the way, let’s see what you get for your money.

Four Different Species Of Seiko Prospex Watches

Four Different Species Of Seiko Prospex Watches

What all four Prospex watches have in common is the steel case with a shell-like profile and a crown at 4 o’clock. The compass bezels state very clearly that these watches are land-dwellers, not ocean-going “Turtles”. With a case measuring 42.4mm in diameter, 11.7mm in height, and 45.2mm in length, Seiko definitely had the average wrist in mind — mission accomplished since the watches fit all the wrists at Fratello HQ and wore very comfortably. On top is a sapphire crystal, and it also features a screw-down crown and a screwed case back. And although these watches belong in the “Land” category, the water resistance is still 200 meters.

Four Different Species Of Seiko Prospex Watches

A compass on the bezel to navigate

The bezel is what sets a “Land” and a “Sea” Prospex apart. The bezel with an aluminum insert shows a compass scale instead of a diving timescale. The dials, though different, all show large hands and applied indexes with a generous portion of Lumibrite, Seiko’s proprietary luminous material.

Inside the steel case of all four models beats a new entry-level movement. The automatic caliber 4R35 is a 3Hz movement with 23 jewels, hacking seconds, and date. This movement is not as high-end as the one you get in the 3k versions you saw here on Fratello before. But with one important similarity: obscurity — a closed case back prevents both kinds of movements from close inspection and/or admiration. The power reserve of the caliber 4R35 is 41 hours.

Four Different Species Of Seiko Prospex Watches

All four Different Species Of Seiko Prospex Watches

SRPG13K1: steel case, beige dial, beige/green bezel, green textile strap

SRPG15K1: steel case, blue dial, blue/grey bezel, blue textile strap

SRPG17K1: steel case, black “gilt” dial, black bezel, black leather strap

SRPG18K1: gold-colored steel case, brown dial, brown bezel, brown leather strap

Let’s focus on color, not price

So, are these watches worth the money? I don’t think there will be an enormous outcry if I answer that question with a firm “yes”. The discussion will be focused on taste in colors and not money. It’s beige/green for me since it says “Land” the clearest and loudest. I also like the textured fabric strap. All four different species of Seiko Prospex watches will be in the shops from May 2021 and for more information have a look at the Seiko website.

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Watch specifications

Prospex "Land"
SRPG13K1: beige. SRPG15K1: blue. SRPG17K1: black with gold-colored accents. SRPG18K1: brown with gold-colored accents.
Case Material
Brushed and polished steel. Rotating bezel with aluminum insert and compass scale. Screw-down crown and screwed case back.
Case Dimensions
42.4mm diameter × 11.7mm height, 45.2mm length.
Case Back
Screwed closed case back
Caliber 4R35
Water Resistance
200 meter
Textile or leather strap with a steel pin buckle
Hours, minutes, seconds (hacking), date
€540 (SRPG13K1, SRPG15K1, SRPG17K1) €590 (SRPG18K1)
Three years