The product should always be front and center within this world of watches we love so much. And that doesn’t only apply to new products. Improving existing products is also part of the game. I always greatly appreciate it when brands put effort into making their existing products even better, especially if the original was already a great watch. That’s exactly what Serica has done with the new generation of its popular 5303 dive watch. The newly improved 5303 range comes with an updated, slimmer movement. As a result, it is also equipped with a soft iron cage for increased magnetism resistance and a Grand Chronomètre certification. The Serica 5303 just got even better.

If you read Fratello regularly, you know that we are fans of Serica. The Parisian brand has become a fan favorite by releasing a series of watches that combine vintage-inspired looks with modern-day execution and unique design details. I jumped on the Serica train in 2021, right after the brand released the second generation of its 4512 military watch. Not long after, Serica released the 5303 dive watch. The timepiece stands out immediately in a world of archetypical dive watches. The 5303’s design is firmly rooted in the past but has a unique, characteristic presence. With the new update, these looks stay intact. The biggest change comes in the form of a new movement that makes the Serica 5303 even better.

Serica 5303 update

A quick overview of the Serica 5303 series

If you are familiar with the Serica 5303, you have probably read all about it before. But let’s remind ourselves what makes this such a special timepiece. The Serica 5303 features a 39mm stainless steel case that is 12.2mm thick, 46.5mm from lug to lug, and water resistant to 300 meters. The “twisted” lugs, which have a 20mm spacing, are very elegant, featuring wide, polished bevels and brushed sides. Not only do they look great, but they also feel great thanks to their defined lines. Overall, the case features a nice mix of brushed and polished parts that perfectly emphasize its sculpture. It has plenty of character, just like the dial and bezel, but they balance each other out perfectly. Additionally, there’s the oversized 8mm crown, which gives the case a welcome dash of late-1950s flair.

Serica 5303 update

The Serica 5303 features a stainless steel twin-scale bezel with a ceramic insert indicating minutes and a stainless steel ring indicating hours. Because of the two scales, the watch gets a greater purpose than a typical dive watch. It not only allows you to time elapsed minutes by aligning the lume dot with the minute hand but also time elapsed hours by aligning the lume dot with the hour hand. An additional function is timing a 15-minute countdown by aligning the lume dot on your target time. Finally, you can use the bezel to set a second time zone on the 12-hour scale. It won’t be able to distinguish between AM and PM, but it is still a nice feature to have.

Serica 5303 update

The three dials colors each have a different character

The 5303 comes with a choice of three different dial and bezel combinations. The first is a fully black enameled dial with white printing and vintage-looking lume. Second, there is a white enameled dial with a black outer ring and black printing with a hint of red and the same beige lume. The third version that was added last year comes with a midnight-blue enameled dial with a white minute track, handset, and hour markers. Its hands and hour markers are filled with light green lume, adding even more color to the watch. The dark blue dial is combined with a spectacular light “crystal blue” ceramic insert for a unique color combination.

Serica 5303 update

All three different versions are distinctly attractive. My favorite is the blue version because the combination of those two blue shades is simply special. And hearing brand founder Jérôme Burgert’s story about his determination to find the right two colors made me appreciate this version even more. As I used to work in the graphic design industry, I know all about finding the perfect combination of colors. So I greatly appreciate Burgert’s efforts to find the right colors over one year and many prototypes. And I think he has succeeded in his mission perfectly.

Serica 5303 update

The dial design of the 5303 is unique

As you can see, there is no big logo on the dial. Instead, the Serica name has been subtly placed beside the 6 o’clock marker. It ensures a logo doesn’t detract from the overall design, and this has become a signature Serica touch that we see on all the brand’s watches. The overall dial design is characterized by combining the big, rectangular hour markers at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock and the dot-shaped markers for all the remaining hours further toward the center of the dial. The result is an uncommon dial design that, while quirky, does feel very comfortable. It is different without feeling unbalanced or unnatural. As a result, it has become a fan favorite that sets the 5303 apart from competitors.

Another unique feature of the 5303 is its stylish mesh bracelet. It tapers from 20mm to 16mm and connects to the case using a fitted end link. The bracelet has tons of character and uses a pressure clip to fasten into the indentations on the underside of the mesh. From wearing the different models, I can say that the mesh bracelet is super comfortable and really adds to the overall wearing experience of the 5303. For the new version, the clasp of the bracelet is signed. So far, you might think that there’s nothing much new here, and that’s true. The big news for the 5303 series comes from the inside of the watches.

The new Soprod M100 caliber

In a great update to the 5303 series, Burgert chose to swap the previous Soprod Newton movement for the Soprod M100 caliber. This new movement is thinner and chronometer certified. The automatic movement operates at 28,800vph, has 25 jewels, and provides 42 hours of power reserve. It is also thinner than the previous caliber, which led Serica to choose to modify the construction of the case and include a soft iron cage around the movement to improve its magnetism resistance. As a result, the watch can withstand magnetic fields up to at least 50,000 A/M compared to the 4,800 A/M of the previous version.

Serica 5303 update

Additionally, the new movement comes with a Grand Chronomètre certification. After the 8315 that came out late last year, this is the second watch in the Serica collection to be certified by the COSC as a chronometer. The 5303’s previous Newton caliber did perform within COSC standards but was not officially certified, so this new movement is a definite step up for the 5303. The improvements in magnetism resistance and the COSC certification are significant updates that make the series an even more attractive offer.

Impressions of the improved Serica 5303

I have to hand it to Serica; this update shows that a great watch can become even better. The new 5303 ups the specs significantly, and it’s great to see that Serica’s founder Jérôme Burgert doesn’t sit still when it comes to the development of the brand’s existing timepieces. The new Serica 5303 will cost €1,490 (including tax). Compared to the €1,290 price of the previous models, that is a €200 increase. Nevertheless, combining the upgrades with the standout design, the 5303 offers tremendous value for just under €1,500. It’s definitely a substantial amount of money, but it’s hard to find a watch that has the same characteristic looks and combines it with these updated modern specs. To me, that makes the Serica 5303 series even better than it already was and a great standout in the vast landscape of dive watches.

For more information, visit the official Serica website.

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