We’ve covered SevenFriday a few times in the recent past and they sent us their latest watch which is officially launched today. Time to have a look at the new SevenFriday S3/02 Carbon Edition which was made in collaboration with an innovative partner.

Different Approach

For those who know SevenFriday, this new version is easy to recognise. Witits’s typical case design SevenFriday first saw daylight in 2013 and it was an instant hit. Although the reactions were mixed they are still going strong which answers the question, if it was short-term fame or not, in our first SevenFriday article by Balasz some 4 years ago.

SevenFriday is different from many watch brands by their approach to watch design and their look on things. They like to make things fun again without taking life too seriously. Which reminds me of the meeting with them last year during Baselworld. Showing up with a Pinzgauer for an Art-Ride through Basel. During the trip, we got to see the watches and in several locations, we got out for some shoots.

Seven Friday S3/02 Carbon Edition

So they are still around doing what they do best, creating fun watches at an affordable price point. Of course, this is subjective based on your budget and interests. But there is something for everyone and given the fact they are still going strong says it all. Most people have a pretty straightforward answer to wether they love or hate the design.

And the base design hasn’t changed much hence it’s all in the details. This Model S3 watch resembles the P models but has a more open-worked dial which shows more of the movement. On this version, it comes with several blue details which can be found all-over the watch all the way to the clasp.

Black and blue are the colours used which make a great combo in general I have to say. Where the watch comes with a stainless steel case with a black coating it comes with a forged carbon fiber face and bezel. For this lightweight add-on, they joined ARES DESIGN who specialise in bespoke automotive design.

Bespoke Design

ARES DESIGN specialises in delivering bespoke automotive interiors and exteriors. Transforming classic cars into hi-tech and reliable cars that still look like the original without the potential problems in daily use. And resurrecting iconic automobiles. Everything with the highest attention for detail and for the best impression you should check their website for their impressive portfolio.

One thing that SevenFriday does is come up with creative details in their designs. You will not find standard straps or buckles on their watches. This SevenFriday S3/02 Carbon Edition comes with a flexible blue silicone strap. Both front and back side come with eye-catching details. Where the front is smooth apart from a ridge which holds black stitching you will find the brand name on the back side of the strap. Those little add-ons like the up/down text in the design shows the fun factor.

Behind the globe, on the caseback, there is an embedded NFC ship which allows authenticity verification through an SevenFriday app and at authorised retailers. It also shows where the watch is designed, made and where the movement comes from. This will probably help determine wether this watch is for you or not.


Just to sum up some of the details of the SevenFriday S3/02 Carbon Edition. It’s case measures 47,6 x 47 mm where the largest size is the width including the crown. Made in stainless steel with a black coating and “carbon animation ring” as they call it. So don’t expect an ultra light watch. Inside beats a Miyota 82S5 movement which comes with a 40 hour power reserve. Waterproof up to 30 meters or 3ATM it’s splash proof and/or rain resistant only.

Limited to 777 watches which retail for 1628 USD/CHF. For more info head over to the official SevenFriday website here.