Since years, Ralph Lauren sells vintage timepieces from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron etc. in their flagship stores. Ralph Lauren probably has a passion for watches, because they now introduced their own line of [serious] wristwatches. The RL collection consist of a Sporting Collection, Classic Slim Collection and The Stirrup Collection. The Stirrup Collection is a bit Hermes-a-like with a nice leather fashionable twist. The Stirrup Collection uses a RL750 movement, based on a Jaeger LeCoultre movement.

Watches from the Sporting Collection are a bit conservative looking, but a banker will probably think this is sporty enough ;-). The Sporting Collection watches have mechanical movements (caliber RL98295) which is based on an IWC movement.

Ralph Lauren Sporting Collection

The Classic Slim Collection watches reminded me immediately on Piaget watches. Coincidence or not, they also feature Piaget movements. This Classic Slim watch has a diameter of 42mm and is 5.35mm thick. That’s SLIM! However, does it fit the whopping 42mm for a classic dress watch?

Ralph Lauren Classic Slim Collection

I love the ‘St.Dupont’ hobnail bezel on this Classic Slim watch!

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  • Hermes also came to mind for me, but the Ralph Lauren did not quite reach that level of stature (though this was probably not RL’s goal, either). From a visual perspective, I do not like the Roman numerals on the dial – too “clock-like” for my preference. Also, the dimensions do seem a bit odd at 42mm diameter x 5.33mm thick.

    I guess at the end of the day I am just not a “fashion brand” kind of guy for my watches.

  • Zeger

    I am wondering does anybody know the price tags of these RL? And don’t you think that they can be bought in Turkey or the east very soon?

    To me its just that the RL “phase”is already way over. People at work would make jokes if one turns up in a RL horsey shirt on Friday.

    Therefore its not a ‘serious’ high end brand any more for professionals, or was it ever. And if so would people pay thousands of euro’s for them?
    I rather buy them without the RL name on the dial. They do look nice and it seems they have very nice movements in them.

    Also the fact that RL did get access to these movements is something that stuns me. Well done for RL, but i am not so sure the marketing departments of companies that use these movements are to happy about the deal.

  • Phil

    In Russia, maybe China there will be a market. They are fond of branded bling-bling. I think the watches are not ugly, however would never buy.