The last few Lemania 5100 movements at the Sinn factory have been reserved for the (now available) limited edition of the Sinn 142. Prices are a bit higher (ofcourse) then the normal 142 models, but for the true Lemania 5100 or Sinn die-hards probably worth it πŸ™‚

Chuck posted more about this specific watch, and you might try the official Sinn website as well.

Click here.

  • I don’t most of us saw this coming, but it’s disappointing nonetheless. ;-(

    This item also got me thinking a bit. Since there is an entire electronic community of us w/ varying levels of deep knowledge of the industry and movements in particular, we lament the passing of a known good movement.

    I know that in the mech. golden age (maybe 1940 to 1970?) watches were largely sold on the number of jewels, brand recognition, and amount of precious metal. But without the intricate knowledge that us WIS nuts have pulled together in our communities over the last decade, I suspect that movements would come and go withing anyone outside the company really caring or knowing.

    This is probably a phenomenon that wouldn’t have happened 50 years ago as blogs and forums didn’t exist then. πŸ˜‰