Gerard Nijenbrinks over at (Dutch website covering novelties on watches and the watch business) mentions the new Sinn 142.ST-II.

It will be introduced at the coming Basel Fair (30th March) as the successor of the Sinn 142.ST with Lemania 5100 movement. Because the Lemania 5100 is not in production anymore (see earlier posts about this), the 142.ST-II will feature a Dubios-Depraz caliber 2070 chronograph.

As you can see below, the lay-out of the dial remains the same.

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The official Sinn announcement can be read here.

  • Thanks for the scope RJ !! I can finally update my site :> It’s nice to see Sinn keeping the 142 designation. Best Regards, Dave

  • one more comment….why did they include an analog date ?!??!? A useless ‘complication’ IMHO, which appears to be there just because they could. The watch would have been better off with the tri-compax reg’s, MAYBE a date window at 4’o clock, and a very cool Sinn insignia at 12 (maybe w/the 142 disignation). Oh well..not bad, but certainly moving further and further away from the original 140

  • The layout remains the same? Hardly. The seconds hand has gone from 9 to 3, the 24h hand has gone from 12 to 9, the date display has been converted into a pointer date and moved to 12 and the weekday has been omitted completely. Considering that the now-prominent 24h hand has no practical application at all and the date (and even the Sinn logo) will be obscured by the chronograph hands most of the time, this new layout brings no improvement at all, but makes just about everything worse.

    With a movement that has absolutely nothing in common with the original, the 142’s ugly but classic shape is degraded to a tragical piece of kitsch. They should have let the 142 rest in peace, instead of trying to squeeze a few more euros out of the flaky space story.

  • Robert-Jan


    I agree with you partly. They have changed a few things, including the date-hand, like you wrote, that doesn’t appeal to me either. However, the watch remains to be very ‘unusual’ and interesting for collectors and lovers of watches that are based on functionality.

    Sadly, the Lemania 5100 is gone and part of the fun of owning a watch like this is gone.

    Personally, I would go look on ebay or chrono24 to find an original Sinn142 with Lemania 5100. Nevertheless, I sold my 142 long time ago anyway without having regrets. Sinn is not my cup of tea, although I have great respect for the brand from Frankfurt.

    Have a nice day!

  • Please bear in mind that my opinion is coloured, as the official Sinn representative for The Netherlands.

    I doubt if any movement ever will be able to replace the Lemania 5100, however I do see advantages and certainly positive points for the new Sinn 142.St-II. Specialy in the field of symetry in the dial lay-out.

    I’m not a big fan of date (and day) windows anyhow, which are out of center and ruin the dial legibility in my opinion. The date hand isn’t a complication to show off. It will be there because with this dial lay-out, there’s no room for a date disc all around the movement.

    Further a date hand shows the progress of the month better than a window, which you have to ‘read’. The Speedmaster Professional Moonphase has the same date indication at 12, and although not very readable I like it very much in daily life.

    If you like a 24-hand or not, and if it’s usefull or not to you, is quite personal. I wonder if this time it’s seprately adjustable to the regular time. I’ll ask it Sinn at the Basel fair.

    Just the bracelet…. Sigh. It’s so ugly – it ruins the whole classic 142 design; I’m glad Sinn produces beautifull leather straps as well for this model, and they even supply an old-style bracelet if you’re lucky.

    Best regards,


  • georges zaslavsky

    This watch will never match the original 142. An eta 2894 with the dd module will never match the reliability and solidity of the 5100. That watch is a 5100 wannabe.