Omega Speedmaster Mark Series

Speedy Tuesday – Omega Speedmaster Mark Series

Robert-Jan Broer
July 01, 2014
Speedy Tuesday – Omega Speedmaster Mark Series

It’s Speedy Tuesday! Recently we covered a lot of Mark series already during #SpeedyTuesday, like the vintage and new Omega Speedmaster Mark II comparison article of last week and the Speedmaster Mark III of world renown car journalist Ben Oliver. Perhaps you also remember the Omega Speedmaster Mark 4.5 of Porsche 911 guru Magnus Walker we did a while ago.

Well, today we have a contribution from Omega Speedmaster collector Khoder who basically has all three mentioned Omega Speedmaster Mark series.

Omega Speedmaster Mark Series

Omega Speedmaster Mark SeriesKhoder – who also happens to collect vintage Seiko Bullhead watches – explains why he loves these Omega Speedmaster Mark Series so much:

“The [Omega Speedmaster Mark] 4.5 was my first ‘real’ watch. I purchased it in 2009 from Watch Gallery in Melbourne, Australia for AU$2,000 and fell in love with vintage watches right then and in particular OMEGA.”

“The 4.5 was internally serviced only – the casework was done in 2014 and required laser welding, total new gasket kit, crystal and the bracelet was pulled down and re-polished. Work was done by Watch Collector, Melbourne and took 6 months to find the correct gasket kit as there were several iterations of the same watch throughout it’s production. Hands & dial are original.”Omega Speedmaster Mark Series“In 2012 I purchased the Omega Speedmaster Mark II Racing Dial from Watch-Co, Melbourne for AU$3,500 in ‘as-pictured’ condition. It came with a brand new bracelet, dial & hands. The mechanical movement is flawless and is a total work of art!! I get quizzed on it by anyone who sees it – no one believes how old this beautiful watch is!!”

“In 2013 I purchased the Omega Speedmaster Mark III from Sydney Vintage Watches for AU$2,200. I bought it without a bracelet and it looked as though it had been in a blender… completely honest and beaten to within an inch of it’s life. Miraculously the movement was perfect. I just wanted to put it on a distressed leather band but later thought it deserved more. I had it re-polished by LG Humphries & Sons (Sydney) with a new crystal and bracelet was from Otto Frei (U.S.). Whilst it’s a giant to wear, I absolutely love it.”

Omega Speedmaster Mark SeriesIt seems that it won’t stop here for Speedmaster enthusiast Khoder, he continues:

“Next on the list are the Omega Speedmaster 125 and the Speedmaster f300Hz (also SpeedSonic).

I’m a big fan of these Omega Speedmaster Mark series as they represent a time where watches were made by watch-makers and not accessible by the average man… on the other hand I also like that they weren’t purchased by the mega rich and therefore they were worn with pride and a symbol of personal success rather than a symbol of excess wealth.

As a 33 year old working in the insurance industry and in a market facing position, it’s important to display an image that is distinguished, but not excessive at the same time.”

We thank Khoder for his contribution! If you are a Speedmaster collector and want to share your story, do not hesitate to contact us! If you have (only) one Omega Speedmaster which is your pride and joy, feel free to contact us as well. We would love to hear why your story as well.

Also make sure to visit one of the most interesting guides on the Omega Speedmaster Mark series, written by the late Chuck Maddox. We did an interview with Chuck Maddox in 2004, which also covers a bit of Omega Speedmaster Mark series.

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