It’s Speedy Tuesday! One of our dear readers and Speedmaster enthusiasts has contributed a number of photos of his recently acquired Omega Speedmaster Pro Tintin watch. We discussed this watch already even before it was released in BaselWorld and then were the first to tell you about the association with Tintin. Jean-Claude Monachon – Vice President and Head of Product Development – told us about the initial plans for this watch when Omega designed it, making it an official Omega Speedmaster Tintin timepiece.

Instead, it became the Omega Speedmaster Pro Racing as the owners of the Tintin copyrights (probably) did not like the idea of having this watch as a tribute. As our first publication on the Speedmaster Tintin resulted in receiving letters from the legal department of the Tintin copyright owners, we will refrain from showing you the Tintin album and photos that will immediately clarify why this watch has such an interesting red and white checkered outer ring on the dial. It has little to do with racing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOmega Speedmaster Pro Tintin 311.

Our avid reader Mike (@mikeinfrankfurt on Instagram, check him out) asked me about this specific Speedmaster Tintin and I was just been told by a source at Omega that this watch is out of production. So I told this to Mike and it might have get him to pull the trigger on this Speedmaster Tintin or Speedmaster Professional Racing, as it was officially called.

The association – or actually rejected association – with Tintin makes this actually a very nice-to-have piece and it might become a sought-after model, especially when you think of the low production number it must have. It is based on the regular Speedmaster Pro 3570.50 but with the red and white checkered dial and a caseback with a red filled engraving.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs you can see, it is all identical to the regular Speedy Pro with stainless steel case back. Perhaps a nice detail to show, the anti-counterfeit engraving on the case back of the Speedmaster. You will find this on (I assume) all modern Omega watches but some people still wonder what it is, according to our Fratellowatches mailbox. Although it is very difficult to fight counterfeiting, these type of measurements at least will make it easier to identify the real deal.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince production has stopped for the Speedmaster Professional reference 311. it might be wise to ask your Omega dealer if he can still order from stock (or perhaps has one in stock). The list price of these Speedy Pro Tintin watches was just above list price (approx. 3500 Euro) but looking at some of the other recent ‘stopped’ limited editions or specific editions, it should be quite a solid buy. Especially on the long term.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABesides that, it is a very handsome watch to look at. Although it is quite different from the Omega Speedmaster Pro Apollo 15 model, the red and white outer ring at least made me think of that one right away. Even more so then a comparison with the Omega Speedmaster Pro Racing reference 3570.40 that was done especially for the Japanese market in 2004, with the red and orange checkered dial.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInside this Speedy Pro is of course the hand-wound caliber 1861 (Lemania based) that has been used since 1997. Before that, it was the caliber 861 movement that was introduced in 1968. Only a few minor changes were done in 1997 to this movement and is actually considered to be ‘just’ an updated version. It is definitely one of the most tried and tested chronograph movements, not in the last place because of the re-certification of the Speedmaster Pro caliber 861 in 1978 by NASA.

If you want more information on this piece, check out the official Omega website for an overview of Omega boutiques and stores world wide.

Thanks to Mike for playing! If you have a specific Omega Speedmaster you want to see covered here on Speedy Tuesday, do not hesitate to contact us. Next week we have an interesting write-up from a long time Omega Speedmaster Pro owner (since 1977) sharing his thoughts on the new Speedmaster X-33 ‘Skywalker’ that we covered here.

  • Srdjan Nikolic

    CROATIA Per Sempre !!!

  • MikeInFrankfurt


    Thanks for posting my photos…an honor indeed! Great write-up as well on this little-known piece. Thanks again!


  • Vincent

    Very nice watch! Refreshing version of the trusted Speedy Pro!

    It reminds me of the new Speedmaster Mark II Co-Axial with the grey-orange dial.
    I really like that watch, although some people complain on internet fora that it’s
    movement is not really in-house because it is a (heavy) altered Valjoux 7750.

    • Hi Vincent,

      True, but it is still an amazing movement with silicon spring, co-axial escapement and so on. I also don’t think Omega claims it to be in-house. But in any case, the Speedmaster Mark II also had and has a racing dial but the Speedmaster Pro 145.012 from 1967 was actually the first one to have a racing dial.

  • Alfonso Castañeda

    Hello Robert.
    Great article, you really know how to write and wake up desires , like pulling the trigger on this one.

    Do you know if Omega offered this dial before?
    I saw a video by John Goldberger about his Omega Sportswatches book, and he features an similarly dialed Speedy , albeit a pre-moon one.
    I don’t know if it’s a re-done dial or it really came out of the factory that way.
    Mr Goldberger as you know is a collector that is able to find the most uncommon watches, so it would not be a surprise if that one (I think it is a 105.012-63 since he Shows what appers to be the case back of this watch) came out of the factory that way.
    By the way, the dial is not exactly the same, but the Color scheme is similar, the difference being the red Hands (hour and minutes).
    So do you happen to know if Omega did offer this kind of dial before?

    Thanks and best regards.

    • Dear Alfonso,

      Thanks for your nice comments. Have a look in this article here. It basically shows the original Speedmaster Pro (145.012-67SP) with racing dial that Omega did and I think this is also similar to the one in the book by John Goldberger (don’t have it with me here). A similar racing dial was later on used in the Speedmaster Professional Mark II. In 2004, Omega did another Racing dial for the Speedmaster Pro for the Japanese market (only 2004 pieces). Then there are a few Speedmaster racing models based on the Speedmaster Reduced and Speedmaster Broad Arrow collection. Also covered on Speedy Tuesday (have a browse in the articles here). But let’s keep them out of the scope 🙂

      The red/white checkered scheme has not used before to answer your question. It was solely used for this Tintin edition. The previous racing models had orange in them, also used orange for the hands.

      Considered that it is out of production and the unofficial connection with Tintin (perhaps I should also publish the letter from their lawyers I received on my first article on the subject :)) it might be an interesting collector’s item. The story goes that the prototype of this watch has Tintin’s rocket as a second hand on the sub dial and that this watch is currently in the Omega museum/archives.


  • The original article about this watch here on FratelloWatches was what made it my next Speedy to buy, it’s now in my collection and I consider it my favorite. The design is truly great.

    I wonder why the Tintin copyright owners didn’t agree to the watch being a tribute, but they seem to be very protective of their franchise if they didn’t even allow you to keep those book pictures.

    • Actually, I wonder what they would say if I used used my own (paid for) Tintin comic book for one of the pictures. In any case, they also wrote me that I could not use the name ‘Tintin’ or one from any other of the characters before asking their permissions. That’s where I drew the line 😉

  • Thomas

    Hi Robert

    How certain are you that this watch is out of production?? Its still on the omega website; and none of the staff that I have spoken to are aware of this.



    • Someone from OMEGA HQ told me. So whatever they have left, it is probably ‘left-overs’.

  • Sebastian

    Hello everyone. Very interesting thread and story! I purchased this watch today and it is beautyful! However, I don’t understand why this watch, according to You Robert-Jan, is supposed to be a Speedy Pro “Racing”: On the official Omega site, it is mentioned under the Moonwatch collection, not the Racing collection. Further, it has a hesalite crystal, and the “Moon”-engraving on the case back. In fact, isn’t it the actual original Moonwatch, but with a “Tintin”-dial? So Omega seems to actually emphasize that it was meant to be a Moonwatch (not a Racing) allright – which IMHO underscores the story about Tintin even more.

    • Dear @disqus_rga1qMuE8I:disqus,

      Thanks for your comment. When it was introduced just before BaselWorld 2013, Omega wrote on their website (now gone obviously) that this was the Speedmaster Professional Racing. I don’t make this stuff up 😉 See our original introduction here followed by our discovery that Omega wanted to make this a Tintin watch at the day of the official introduction on the first day of BaselWorld 2013 (

      So Omega introduced it as a Racing, but after JC Monachon of Omega explained to us that it was actually meant to be a Tintin special but that the legal owners of Hergé didn’t want to cooperate. So Omega named it Racing, but it was clearly never intended to be a Racing and now it seems that the Tintin story has been picked up world wide.

      Problem is that between the introduction in 2013 and now a lot of stuff on the Omega website changed so there is no trace to the ‘Racing’ anymore.

      Enjoy your new timepiece!


      • Sebastian

        Thank you RJ for your fast and well documented reply! I can understand the watch and its story behind very well now! It will be interesting to see how long for it will continue to be part of the official collection.

        Greetings and congratulations for your site!

  • Ralph Belfatti

    Hello All. My wife just bought me this watch for Christmas, and while it should arrive by Thursday, but cannot wait to buy replacement straps for it. Can someone PLEASE tell me what size strap fits this? From what I found online, it APPEARS to be 20mm, but I want to be sure before I buy any more.

    Thank you again, from an Speedy Newbie.

    • Hello Ralph,

      Congratulations on your Speedmaster Tintin. The size between the lugs is 20mm.

      Best regards

      • Ralph Belfatti

        Thank you for the reply. Glad to know I ordered correctly.

  • speedydan

    My Speedy Tintin arrived today. Fabulous! 🙂

  • Tim Mai

    Great article as always! I can’t find it on Omega’s page neither as 311. or Tintin. And the links are all dead.