Last week I received the Swatch-Clopedia,¬†¬†a comprehensive source for all Swatch collectors. You can order it from Squiggly, a great online Swatch seller. I am no Swatch collector, but as every watch addict, I have my share of Swatches. From¬†my first¬†1991 Test model to the Olympic Pheidippides 2004 model, with various models in between 🙂 Never wear them, but nice to display.

Anyway, buy this guide! And be quick, because it is limited printing (6000 pieces and that’s it). The authors worked for 2 years on this book, which covers practically every Swatch between 1983 and now, including the limited models. The book has 900 pages in full color. What really amazed me, was the weight of this book when the postman delivered it. According to Squiggly, the book weighs almost 1.5 kilograms.

  • Zeger van Asch van Wijck

    Hi RJ, just bought the swatchbook you recommended. Very nice and i now have officially two whole bookshelves of watchbooks and catalogues. 🙂
    The Rolex GMT-II i bought while we were in Dusseldorf is awesome. For a non Rolex fan, it sure is making me feel fuzzy. But the AP Jumbo is with 60% still the handgelenk of my choice.

  • Thanks for the tip RJ. I just ordered the 2006 catalog including the survival kit. They will be happy with your blog I guess. How about a banner 😉



  • Bernard

    Hi RJ, Good tip! I can recommend the hard cover catalog that comes together with the survival kit that Gerard already mentioned. Super toll!

  • Rossella

    Salve io sono una donna di 46 anni (anche se per mia fortuna non li dimostro)anche perchè sono rimasta per meta’ all’adolescenza non l ho mai lasciata..So’ che è un discorso superfluo e non interessa ma mi sento di scriverlo :D) io ho da vendere il mio orologio usato marca swatch, usato poco e tenuto nel cassetto era stato un regalo di 18 0 20 fa’ non ricordo, del mio ex ma non so’ neppure che modello sia come si chiami, ho buttato custodia e avevo cambiato anche il cinturino,mi pare fosse bianco e nero e la cassa è trasparente con un disegno tondo a scarabocchio nero al centro,chiedo a qualcuno se c è un catalogo on line dove io possa sapere che modello sia per poterlo vendere,per poterlo descrivere,vi ringrazio, Rossella