Thank goodness for Swatch. Whenever we might find ourselves taking everything a bit too seriously, everyone’s favorite plastic-peddler shows up with a joyous dollop of color to remind us that watchmaking is supposed to be fun. The new James Bond collection is exactly that.

The new James Bond film, No Time To Die, will mark Daniel Craig’s final outing as the British super-sleuth. To mark the occasion, Swatch has released six new watches. There’s some low-hanging fruit (hello Moonraker and Casino Royale), alongside some odder, niche choices (who would’ve predicted Licence to Kill and The World Is Not Enough making the cut when this idea hit the drawing board?).

Six new models will hit the market towards the end of February, a few weeks ahead of the movie’s bow on April 2nd (in the UK). Two of the novelties will be in the classic Swatch original gent’s cases (34mm), while the other four will come in the enlarged “new gent’s” cases, measuring 41mm. That certainly provides Swatch fans with a wide selection from which to choose.


The Q Model

But wait! There is more! There is actually a seventh watch slated for release. In honor of Ben Whishaw’s Q, a special model has been devised. The Q model has been designed by Swatch and costume designer Suttirat Anne Larlarb. There aren’t any images available of the new model, which will measure 42mm and be part of the Skin Irony collection, but we do have a reference number and a price for you: SS07Z100 and €200 respectively.


A very neat VHS-style box

That places Q’s watch way above the other six in terms of value. The two original gent’s pieces (based on Licence to Kill, and Casino Royale) will retail for €85, while the beefed-up new gent’s models (inspired by Dr. No, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Moonraker, and The World is Not Enough) come in at €90. All models are delivered in a very neat VHS-style box. Although this may be completely lost on younger fans of the series, at least it can’t be accidentally taped over by anyone’s little sister, so that’s a bonus…


The Shuttle

It will be interesting to get these models on the wrist. I have several classic gent’s Swatches and a few of the larger “Jelly” cases. Regrettably, the new gent’s line is not something I’ve worn before. To me, 41mm sounds like a big step-up. I imagine that wearability will likely come down to the pliability of the strap. That was a big problem with some of the older Jelly models. Of the bigger pieces in this release, the Dr. No model looks to be the most palatable. The Moonraker model could so easily have been the best has that shuttle (which appears to be printed on the crystal) been sitting on a transparent seconds disc (just like the awesome Heinz watch Tomas covered a few weeks back). Learn more about the Swatch Group’s new James Bond collection here. The watches will become available end of February.