I really, and I mean really, like this watch. About 5000 euro gives you probably a watch you won’t see people wearing in the super market and (maybe) more important, even not at parties and other social events 🙂 This watch reminds me somehow about a frog and not about a swordfish, but I guess that name is sounds a bit cooler.

Am I the only one who likes this watch? Comments?

  • I think you’re the only one.

  • Robert-Jan Broer

    🙂 Oh well, I don’t even have 5000 🙂

  • Stumbled upon this watch a while back when checking out the Chronofighter, you are not alone, it definately has a certain something to it. However I don’t think I could part with 5k for it.

  • Although I never saw it in person, I think it’s a very cool watch.

  • Ivan

    I really like it also. Generally speaking, I love Graham watches.

  • Steef

    When it comes to Graham, I prefer the Chronofighter.
    This particular model is too flashy for me 😉

  • What happens when the hands are under the frog eyes? Do you just guess the time? Or probably you can see them through the eyes enlarged…

    Very nice and original design in my opinion. They realy tried hard to produce something which you never have seen before, and succeeded in my opinion.

    However, are we waiting for something you’ve never seen before? And will it still appeal to you in acouple of months as well? 5 grand will…

  • Alon

    Love the watch, bit flashy, but considering a watch with a 46mm case this is a great option. Especially if you are a lefty 😉

  • Brendon

    I just got the watch 🙂 ….i still find myself admiring it almost every minute of the day…….ITS A BEAUTY!!!!! In my most humble opinion,….worth every freakin cent….:)