It wasn’t until they unveiled the Bremont Submarine 500 wrist watch on January 23rd 2009. Before that time, there was only slight coverage on this relatively new watch brand from the U.K. The brothers Nick and Giles English are responsible for this brand and its watches, which are being produced in Switzerland. All watches are hand-made and the production is limited. The brothers English are a huge fan of classic/historic aircrafts and this translates in to the heavily tested (in the field), certified chronometer watches. Their watches need to be on par with aviation standards. As you can see below, the Bremont logo carries the propeller of an aircraft.

From what I understand, they put a lot of effort in the hardness of their stainless steel watch cases (up to 2000 vickers). All Bremont watches have this Trip-Tick (registered trademark by Bremont) construction, this means that the watch case consists of three parts. A central body section for which several different metals can be used (e.g titanium) to alter the watch’s weight, a hardened stainless steel bezel with sapphire crystal and a sapphire crystal case back. You can find the diagram on this Trip-Tick system on the official Bremont website.

Bremont uses Soprod/ETA movements and have them chronometer certified (COSC = Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometeres). All watches are assembled and tested in the watchfactory in Bienne / Switzerland. Bremont refers to their movements as BE-xx. The watch below, a Bremont ALT1-P, uses a BE-53Ae movement for example. This is an automatic chronometer chronograph movement, with tri-compax lay-out† and a date-window at 16:30.

One of the key essences of Bremont watches is that these watches are worn by ‘real’ people. Tested by people that demand the most from their watch in terms of ruggedness, water resistance, very low temperatures, accuracy etc.

I think this is a positive trend that we have seen with more ‘independent’ or relative new brands whereas the more conservative brands like Omega, IWC, Rolex seem to be worn and ‘tested’ by people that are purely doing that because of slick looking contracts. Nothing wrong with that, because I either like or don’t like a watch, but all these marketing tricks are all a bit too obvious.

The smaller brands probably do not have the money to hire a famous actor, nr.1 tennis player, model or hot looking actresses to wear their watches and use the relatively unknown sportsmen etc.  I also like the fact that these brands do not use the regular expensive marketing channels, but are more keen on bringing their watches to the right target audience by the (smart) use of the internet.

What are your thoughts on Bremont watches? Did you hear of them before, did you handle one? What do you think of them? Please leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments by clicking ‘Comments’.

  • Evert

    Nice to see more smaller brands coming up with original designs, products and marketing ideas. If your not big, you have to be smart seems to be the core message for many of them. Bremont makes a dubious attempt IMO:

    IMO the Submarine by Bremont is borrowing design elements pretty wildly from all sorts of other watches. The result is a rather fuzzy product, and the colors make it even a little silly.

    The Alt model is neither pretty nor ugly. It could be a product of any middle of the road brand IMO. I had a look at their web site and the rest of the collection is no better.

    • T Phillips

      I purchased a Bremont BC F1 (silver) a week ago, having got bored with other watches in the past and sold them on, namely Tag and Breitling. I wanted a watch that was expensive(!), well made, understated and one that I could keep for a long time, maybe even grow old with. Unfortunately the 43mm case models felt too big on my wrist. I opted for the 39mm BC F1 as I liked how it has no extranaeous features. It looks very traditional yet has a definite contemporary look also. It feels robust and solid in the hands. The strap/case balance is perfect and it wears very well on the wrist. Everything about the watch looks and feels stunning and all in a compact 39mm case. The domed sapphire crystal is beautiful and the sapphire back to the case is in danger of getting worn out by my staring at it!
      I opted for the silver face which is more of a steely grey, although it takes on a different hue depending on the light .
      It will clearly only grow in character as the inevitable signs of wear and tear appear. I do a lot of climbing all over the world and fully expect this watch to be on my wrist for all of my adventures. Interestingly, the day display function can be set in French as well as English which is a nice touch, I may change the setting when climbing in the French Alps!
      The lume on the hands stays fairly strong all night if charged up for 30 secs or so next to a lightbulb.
      This is the smallest, ‘plainest’ watch I have ever owned but far and away the most beautiful. You really have to handle one to appreciate its beauty but be wary, you may not be able to leave the shop empty handed.

  • @Evert: Thanks for your comment. Although I haven’t seen a Bremont in the flesh, the stories that I hear are pretty positive, especially the finish of the watch seems to be very impressive. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The ALT-P1 model that I put in the spotlight here reminds me of several other watches and styles, perhaps all originated by flieger chronographs like the ones of IWC. But not as obvious as – for example – the Sinn Flieger (356?).

    Bremonts own style is clearly incorporated in their watches. I like the fact that the dials are clearly influenced by instrument panels of (historic) aircrafts, which is the core of the idea (is my guess) for their product lines. So, I don’t agree with your remark about Bremont watches being fuzzy products, but can find myself in your last few lines, where you write that it is a bit of a middle of the road product as far as styling. The finish of the watch and movement seems to be nicely done, and for approx 3000 euro, there is no complaining.

    However, we both know that you can hardly get any discount on these independents so when it comes to spending 3000 euro on a chronograph, you really have to love this brand for their style/image or else you probably go with a discounted IWC Flieger Chronograph….


  • mark yates

    Whilst people are entitled to their opinion,I am finding that a common thread is emerging regarding Bremont watches. Most people that own one,have seen one “in the flesh” and handled one so they can see and feel the quality for themelves tend to see the watches for what they are,really well made high quality time pieces that have an individual feel about them.

    The folks that have seen them on the web,read about them etc can be quite critical as they see the watches as expensive ETA powered pilots watches offering nothing new. As an owner myself all I can say about my ALT 1C is that it is the best watch I have ever owned and I sold my IWC ltd Edition Spitfire chrono to buy it!!

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comments and insights. I agree with you, you can only judge if you have seen them in the flesh. Good to hear from an actual owner of these Bremont watches that you are very fond of it and positive about its quality.


  • Stephen Grant

    I went looking this weekend, in Edinburgh, for a new watch. In my mind I was looking for another Paneria or my first IWC. During my search I was introduced to the shops Bremont collection. I was taken by the ALT1-C/CR/07, I could see and feel the quality of this watch and loved the dial design inspired by the Mosquito fuel gauge. Simply put I now have to decide against 3 watches and the Bremont is close to the top. They are, by my eye, lovely watches.

  • I was just introduced to this brand last night whilst visiting the Touraneu store at the KOP mall in Pennsylvania. I had not previously heard the name but I can say I am very impressed after handling them in person. Very solid and nice weight. They had the Norton Edition, S500/SL, and ALT1-Z among others. The bezel precision on theS500/SL was particularly satisfying, I would say similar to Breitling but with a more defined ‘click’.

    The other impression was the smoothness of the winding action. Normally there is a noticeable ‘ratchet’ in the weights movement and it takes a fair amount of effort to keep it spinning fluidly. Each watch I handled I was amazed at how long the motor would spin on its own when set on a flat surface with no interruptions.

    In non mechanical observations the leather on the strap was also notable, as was the case that it comes in (which is like a leather tool case as you might see in a Ferrari). The strap was quite thick and looks like it would take allot of abuse (compared to a normal leather band).

    The ALT1-Z with the domed crystal was visible at a very wide angle as well with no reflections, albiet indoors.

    In all I was very impressed, and will be considering one of these in the future.

    I would also like to say if anyone ventures into that particular store ask for Richard B. He knows these watches very well and introduced me to them. He was also by far the most knowledgeable and personable watch guy I have had the pleasure of meeting.


  • Gavin

    I bought a Bremont ALT1-C before christmas. I hadn’t actually gone out to buy a watch and although had planned to buy a Panerai in the near future.
    I really like the design of the watch and the quality seemed first class. I was taken by the story behind the company and what Bremont stands for.
    I’ve been really pleased with it. I wear it all of the time and its been great.

    Considering comments above, I did push for a discount and did get just under 10% off.

  • Del

    I bought my Bremont this weekend. I have to say, I’ve been researching this watch for over a year. I finally pulled the plug and purchased one. I am thrilled with the watch. It’s very low key, but anyone who has an eye for quality will recognize that this is a high end watch.

  • Manny

    Just bought the ALT-C.  Brilliant design, excellent workmanship. 

  • emil

    finally bremont came up with the right length (hour hand, minute hand, second hand ) for their new watch. i think it will attract more buyers if they can do the same with the old models.