Is there more to the Casio G-Shock MT-G MTGB2000PH2A “Blue Phoenix” than its stunningly extravagant looks? A question that might pop up in the heads of many of our readers. It was the exact questions that popped up in my head when I first laid eyes on the colorful watch. It’s a watch that is hard to miss, and everyone will have an immediate opinion on its bonkers presence. While I wholeheartedly agree that the colors set the tone, there is definitely more to this “Blue Phoenix” than just its looks. It’s a story of functionality, materials, design, and engineering. And the level to which that is executed is awe-inspiring. Time to explore the story of this limited edition G-Shock MT-G MTGB2000PH2A “Blue Phoenix.”

The moment I walked into the Fratello offices to check out the new G-Shock MT-G MTGB2000PH2A “Blue Phoenix,” I was met with a smile from fellow Fratello editor Lex. Lex and I share a love for sneakers, and we both do not shy away from adding a bit of color to our daily wear. So his smile accompanied with the words: “It’s in the box over there, just have a look,” told me all I needed to know. The first thing that obviously stands out is this incredibly colorful presence. Quickly after, I noticed that it’s quite nice substantial in weight for a G-Shock at 127 grams. And after taking a look from up close, I was impressed by the level of detail and the overall quality feel of the watch. Casio seriously means business, even with the most extravagant piece in the G-Shock MT-G collection.

The G-Shock MT-G line

The G-Shock MT-G MTGB2000PH2A “Blue Phoenix” is the latest addition to the Metal Twisted G-Shocks or MT-G line of watches. The collection is characterized by the use of steel cases infused with resin. It’s a collection that has been around for more than two decades and has pushed the brand into new territory in quality and materials.  G-Shock introduced the first three MTG-B2000 models in the line in late 2020. For the MTG-B2000, G-Shock developed a dual-core guard structure improving upon the Casio case construction using a combination of metal with resin. The case construction consists of a monocoque carbon fiber case placed inside a steel cargo frame. Screwed on top is a steel bezel, and the watch has a sapphire crystal.

The case measures 51mm by 55.1mm and is 15.9mm thick. Looking at the traditional brands, we would consider it an enormous watch. But different rules apply to G-Shocks. They are not a traditional brand, so traditional rules are out the window. On top of that, its size is not a problem. It actually wears very comfortably. But we’ll get to that in a bit. The use of carbon for the case makes the watch lighter and stronger. The new construction is great to see from up close as it’s a fascinating piece of engineering the ensures water resistance up to 200 meters. The caseback shows the black carbon inner case that contrasts with the colorful steel parts of the case.

The story of the G-Shock “Blue Phoenix”

Speaking of the colorful parts, they are obviously the immediate eye-catcher. Although the case is the main attraction here, the combination of the case, the dial, and the strap creates an overall presence that can only be described as funky. The story behind the colors of the watch comes from the Chinese Blue Phoenix. This mythical bird is a bringer of good fortune, and its image is used on many products ranging from ceramics to military aircraft. It has been the inspiration for Casio to come up with a rainbow ion plating applied to its bezel and case.

While we have seen more ion plating finishes from Casio in the last couple of years, this is probably the most spectacular. Because the bezel and the case are separate parts, they each have a different pattern. The double rainbow finish on the bezel is a two-tone pattern with horizontal graduation. The metal frame of the case has the same two-tone color graduation, however, applied vertically. As a result, it creates the image of a crossed line. Casio claims that the rainbow IP is different on every single watch. Which is a nice detail that fans will definitely appreciate.

A statement with plenty of detail

The colorful case transitions smoothly into the angular integrated bracelet with an end link in the same blue color as the case. The rest of the bracelet is navy blue semi-transparent rubber. There is a visible hint of bright pink between the end link and the bracelet. If you turn the watch around, you’ll find that it’s actually part of a bright pink plate that connects the end link and the rest of the bracelet and functions as a stop as well. While the bracelet color supposedly is navy blue, it definitely looks purple rather than blue under certain light. Further nice details are the gold-colored crown, screws, pushers, pin buckle, and keeper. They create an extra layer of color that contrasts well and give the watch an even more premium feel.

The dial of the “Blue Phoenix” adds even more color to the watch. The dial is a very dark blue, almost black. Many different colors contrast it with hour markers made from a combination of blue and red. Sprinkled in between are different markings in green and red. The three registers in bright blue that differ in size indicate a wide array of different functions. The hands in the registers are all different colors, ranging from green to pink to yellow to orange and blue. Hovering above the dial are two bright blue hands in the same color as the filled with lume. Just look at the images, and you will find that many colors play a part in displaying all the different functions. Despite all the different functions, Casio managed to create a dial that is fairly easy to read.

The brilliant level of finishing

If this wasn’t enough attention to detail, the overall finishing is pretty extraordinary for a G-Shock. The case features different finishes that go from different brushed surfaces to a mirror finish of the beveled edges of the bezel. The same level of detail is also used for the creation of the hands and dial. The blue hands have a brushed finish and the hour markers have feature ridged striping. Casio really made sure that every little detail is up to the highest standards I have ever seen on a G-shock. And as you might know, the brand has upped its game significantly these last couple of years. Gerard wrote a great article about the G-Shock Square Premium Series that shows the incredible steps the brand has taken regarding materials, finishing, and overall quality.

This new G-Shock MT-G MTGB2000PH2A “Blue Phoenix” is definitely an extravagant statement at first sight.  But look a little closer, and you will see that the overall level of detail is incredibly impressive. I have to say that next to wearing the watch, I really enjoyed checking out all the intricacies that went into producing this “Blue Phoenix.” And after having it on the wrist for a couple of days, I can honestly say I was blown away by its quality. This really is taking G-Shock to another level.

A wide array of functions

During that time, I also had a chance to check out all the different functions the watch offers. Inside the carbon monocoque case, G-Shock uses a dual-coil motor capable of high-speed hand movement that powers the hour, minute, and world time hands. As we are used to from G-Shocks, there are a ton of different functions available. Amongst them are multi-band six radio-controlled timekeeping, a 24-hour chronograph, day/date display, a daily alarm, a second timezone display with automatic time zone adjustment, a 24-hour countdown timer, a 24-hour dual time indicator.

Tough Solar charging ensures about 29 months of continuous use with the power-saving function switched on. Another great detail is the Super Illuminator LED light with afterglow. The way it illuminates the dial whenever the light gets low is quite spectacular. Additionally, the watch has Bluetooth connectivity to allow for additional telemetry and easy setting through the G-Shock Connected app.

Wearing the G-Shock “Blue Phoenix”

The first thing that immediately stood out is the great construction of the bracelet. The slightly angular bright end link makes sure the watch folds neatly around the wrist. It ensures that the watch is incredibly easy to wear from the get-go. On top of that, the size was great for my wrist. Like I mentioned before, I expect a G-Shock to be present on my wrist. I am not looking for something small or subdued. From wearing my own G-Shocks over the years, I can say that the combination of their size, presence, and functionality makes them so much fun to wear. It’s that mindset that makes it easier to accept their bigger size.

Having said that, the bright colors are also not as loud on your wrist as you might think at first. I will be the last person to say it’s an understated watch, but the watch seems to blend in easily if you wear clothes with a bit of color. So, where I was a bit apprehensive initially because it seemed a bit much even for my taste, the watch quickly won me over. I can honestly say that this has been the most fun I had recently with a watch. Take a glance at your wrist, and the colors will bring a smile to your face every time. The colors change in different light conditions making sure you keep coming back to it.

On top of that, all the functionalities ensure that you will interact with the watch multiple times a day. I had a great time figuring out how to access all the different functions and actually using them daily.

Final Thoughts

This colorful new G-Shock MT-G MTGB2000PH2A “Blue Phoenix” is a great conversation starter. It’s a watch most people will immediately judge based on its presence. But I was surprised to find more lovers than haters. Hardly anyone thought the watch was too loud. Pretty much everyone I talked to was intrigued by the colors and the finish and seemed to expect this level of funkiness from G-Shock. It’s a perfect example of how brand perception plays a big part in accepting something deemed ‘bonkers’ in the traditional world of watches.

By now, you probably would have guessed that I was very impressed by the G-Shock MT-G MTGB2000PH2A “Blue Phoenix.” It’s a watch that offers so much more than just extravagant looks. It looks like a fun statement from afar. But zoom in, and you’ll find that Casio has released a very serious watch with the “Blue Pheonix.” The watch will be available in limited numbers at select G-Shock authorized dealers and the brand’s online sales platform in June 2021 for €1,099.

It might seem like a lot of money for a G-Shock for some. But I can assure you that what you get in return is worth every penny in design, materials, engineering, and functionality. The watch’s incredible presence is the icing on top for the people that love this level of funkiness. I am one of those people, and the G-Shock MT-G MTGB2000PH2A “Blue Phoenix” has quickly become my favorite summer watch. Let the summer start already!

Find out more about the G-Shock MT-G MTGB2000PH2A “Blue Phoenix” on the official G-Shock website.


Watch specifications

MTG-B2000PH 'Blue Phoenix'
Dark Blue
Case Material
A monocoque carbon infused resin case with a steel cargo frame and steel bezel
Case Dimensions
Case dimensions - 51mm by 55.1mm, thickness - 15.9mm
Sapphire Crystal
Case Back
Monocoque carbon case
Casio in-house quartz movement featuring dual-coil motor capable of high-speed hand movement
Water Resistance
200 Meters
Navy blue integrated resin strap
Tough Solar, LED light (Super Illuminator) Afterglow, time calibration signal reception, mobile link (wireless linking using Bluetooth®), the auto hand home position correction, hand shift feature, Dual time - 27 time zones, stopwatch, countdown timer, daily alarm, Power Saving, full auto-calendar to year 2099, date display, day indicator, regular timekeeping
Special Note(s)
Limited Edition "Blue Phoenix" with rainbow ion plating