I didn’t make “Fratelloris” up, it was one of the persons who purchased it last week. But it does sum it up perfectly, it was a great effort from both sides.

Mike shared the entire story on how this watch came to life in his head, and how it finally came to us last week. You can read all about it here. The oxblood or burgundy red dial found its way into the bronze case of the Big Crown Pointer Date and it just looks amazing. What I noticed during the past week, is that the watch is very difficult to capture in pictures. Some of those who purchased it shared their images on Instagram and in the Oris Watch Club Facebook group and they did a better job than me.

Fratelloris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date

Wrist shot by James Stacey for Hodinkee

Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date Oxblood Dial

Especially the red is hard to capture. In the sun, it can turn into this beautiful color that would make you think it is the perfect watch for the Japanese market. When I am wearing the watch inside, in the office, or at home, with no direct sunlight, the dial turns into this dark burgundy color, almost brown-ish. I am aware that we didn’t take the easy route, as a blue dial would probably speak to a larger audience than an oxblood red.

This oxblood & bronze combination is something for collectors and enthusiasts, and those who appreciate vintage (styled) watches. The result is something I am not only very happy with but also very proud of. It looks brilliant and the orders are still coming in via our shop from all over the world. Only 300 watches were produced, on our own specific request to Oris, and only a few are left.

The big day

As you will soon see in another article (about the watches I got in 2020), it will include the purchase of this Oris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date. I reserved number 13 myself, as that is my lucky number. Not only was I born on the 13th (of April), but in 2013 my daughter Charlotte was born, and ever since it has been a number I try to get when buying a limited or numbered edition watch.

Since I received the watch two weeks ago, I am in love with it but managed to resist wearing it before the release date of December 1st. It didn’t feel appropriate to wear it any sooner. As I am — most likely like you — not seeing many people these days, so the worry of “exposing” the watch before the introduction wasn’t an issue. But what fun is it to already unwrap your Christmas and birthday presents before the big day?

Fratelloris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date

This combination looks terrific

The responses from the people who bought the “Fratelloris” are amazing. One of the people who bought this watch told me it is for him and his son to wear, a great idea! Another buyer wrote to me that “….it looks way more classy than the matte green dial on my 80th anniversary. Can’t wait to see it in different lighting!”. One of the buyers, who’s also a collector, wrote “Love this dial color and nice details combined with the lovely bronze case. Strong proposition!“.

To my own surprise, I am wearing the watch much more than I thought I would do. Perhaps because I didn’t like the ingredients separately from each other before. Meaning that I am not particularly a fan of red dials, and I don’t like bronze so much for cases. But this combination that Mike really pushed on, looks terrific.

This short article is a THANK YOU to all who have bought the watch and of course to everyone involved in the creation process. Another thank you goes out to those who covered this watch on their website (Hodinkee, Time+Tide, Worn & Wound, Monochrome, Revolution, aBlogToWatch, WatchGecko, Bark & Jack, Design Atelier, and Wrist Review.

Get yours by purchasing it in the Fratello shop today.

Fratello × Oris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date, ref. 01 754 7741 3188, Ø 40mm, thickness 12mm, Oris caliber 754 self-winding movement, WR 50 meters, price €1681 ex VAT (€1950 for EU + GB). All specs can be found here.

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