From March 3rd to March 13th, 1969, the Apollo 9 mission took place. On board were astronauts James McDivitt, David Scott, and Russell “Rusty” Schweickart. The mission’s goal was to have a flight with the full Apollo spacecraft, meaning that the command and service module (CSM) and lunar module (LM) were there. But this mission was also to show that the crew could fly the lunar module independently and that it could rendezvous and dock with the command and service module again.

Fratello × REM Apollo 9 Speedmaster strap

Fratello × REM Strap — Apollo 9

To commemorate this mission, the Fratello × REM strap for March 2024 has the docked modules engraved on the strap. We opted for a white strap, not entirely by coincidence, since Omega announced its new white-dial Speedmaster Professional. The new Moonwatch didn’t arrive in time, so we paired the Apollo 9 strap with the Apollo 11 35th Anniversary edition instead. But it will also suit the Moonwatch with a black dial quite nicely or any dial, for that matter, as white is easy to pair with other colors.

White-dial Speedmasters

As for the new white-dial Speedmaster Professional, you can read our hands-on review here. You can also look at some of the other models with white dials in the Omega Speedmaster back catalog. I also believe this Apollo 9 strap will look good on the new Swatch MoonSwatch Snoopy edition that became available today.

The Apollo 9 mission

You will see the Apollo 9’s Saturn V modules on the strap in docking mode. After having flown independently in space, the lunar module was upside down and connected to the command and service module. NASA astronaut Rusty Schweickart was in the LM, while David Scott was in the CSM. On both strap parts, you will see the LM docking with the CSM, but on the long end, the LM is completely visible, and on the short end, the CSM is completely visible. These graphics were made with laser engraving and then painted black.

Fratello × REM Apollo 9 Speedmaster strap

This white strap has contrasting black stitches, and every strap comes with a Fratello-signed buckle. As always, the inside of the strap shows the month and year of the REM × Fratello Speedmaster strap’s production. The strap has a 127mm long end and a 74mm short end.

Fratello × REM Apollo 9 Speedmaster strap

Available now

REM straps are made of organic Swedish leather. The entire production process also takes place in Sweden, including the stitching and laser engraving. This strap is available in our shop today with a price of €107 (excluding VAT). We offer these in small batches but keep restocking earlier editions, so keep an eye on our shop for the previous REM × Fratello Speedmaster straps.

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