It’s time for the new MING 37.05 and this watch brings a host of changes that should please a variety of fans new and old. There’s a lot to mention here, so let’s get to it!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new MING watch. In fact, the last releases centered around the 17.09 models. Aside from the much-discussed hand alignment issues, the styling was well received. However, this watch marked the end of an era for this case design, and we were left wondering about a follow-up. The MING 37.05 is here and, surprisingly, it contains — wait for it — a date.

MING 37.05 Watch 1

The MING 37.05 contains (gasp!) a date window

For those who seemingly cannot live without a date window, the MING 37.05 just might be your solution. The brand staunchly refused to add the popular complication until the right movement was located. That day is here and, intriguingly, it brings along a moon phase function. The Sellita SW288 is the movement that makes all of this possible and, of course, Schwarz-Etienne has done a bit of meddling.

The MING 37.05 shows that this small brand can respond to an ask from its fans within a uniquely recognizable package. The stainless steel case looks new because it is. Yet, despite a much larger diameter crystal, sizing stays at 38mm while the thickness comes in at 11.9mm due to domed sapphire crystals on both sides. Note the solid lugs, but fear not because the width is practical at 20mm.

MING 37.05 Watch 9

A lovely dial once again

The MING 37.05 contains a layered dial consisting of both metal and laser-etched sapphire. Similar to past models, a gradient effect is in play from blue to black to mimic the night sky. The date and the moon phase complication sit at the lowest level of the dial, but there’s more. The moon phase “wheel” uses HyCeram Super-LumiNova which is fully exposed as a ring during a full moon. The center of the moon always remains black so the moon phase appears to “float.” MING achieves this by applying a circular mask to the underside of the dial — fantastic! The hour indices also live underneath the crystal and bring a new motif. Finally, note the new lume pattern on the characteristically-shaped hands.

There are some other new details worth mentioning on the MING 37.05. The crown is a new shape with less taper than prior models. It’s also worth noting that the black and blue Jean Rousseau strap comes with a brand new buckle. In keeping with the modern, smooth looks of the watch itself, unsightly strap tails will now hide underneath the strap. Be gone, keepers! Interestingly, MING tells us that the buckle has three micro-adjustment holes for a better fit.

MING 37.05 Watch 3

A movement worth viewing

The Sellita SW288 is on display and it looks the part. Schwarz-Etienne has added bead blasting and anthracite coating reminiscent of the 27.01 and 27.02. As you can see, the watch is manual-wind, so purists should enjoy it. Both the date and moon phase feature quick-set adjustability. Despite the finery here, the MING 37.05 is water-resistant to 100 meters.

MING 37.05 Watch 8

Pricing and availability for the MING 37.05

The MING 37.05 will be made in an edition of 500 pieces and will sell for CHF 4,950. 150 will go on sale to existing customers at 1:00 PM GMT time on November 25th, and the remaining 350 will follow the next day at the same time. Half of the cost will be due upon ordering and the other when the watch is ready to ship — a move that should please detractors.

MING 37.05 Watch 6

Final thoughts

With the MING 37.05, the company tells us that this case will form the basis for future models from entry-level to the high end. I think that’s fantastic because I love the new design. Regarding this watch in particular, I’m a huge fan of the dial detailing and the lume application. Plus, the way the crystal looks mirror-like at an angle is a really stunning touch. On the other hand, moon phase complications are probably my least favorite of all, with a date function running a distant second. All that being said, if I were heading down that path, this would be a lovely watch to consider. For all those folks who love having that little number stare back at them, there’s an unlikely option in town — if only for a couple of dates.

For ordering information, visit the official MING site.