The new Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport is the latest iteration of a popular watch that first debuted back in 1999. The well-loved and approachable ana-digi timepiece from Switzerland has been a favorite for hikers, mountain climbers, and the like. Now, though, it features a new app that centers on activity and fitness. Of course, it also contains helpful features like notifications.

With all of the fantastic mechanical watches as of late from Tissot, it’s important not to forget the T-Touch. This ana-digi model has been blazing trails (literally) for nearly 25 years. Since that time, several variations have come our way. Of course, connected watches have grown in stature during this time, with many customers choosing to own such a timepiece. Their use in sports, measuring daily activity rates, and notifying users of incoming messages or appointments have also become desirable. The new T-Touch Connect Sport is aimed at those with an active lifestyle who enjoy the looks and finishing of a proper watch. Let’s look more closely.

The Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport

The new Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport models are notable for looking more like normal watches than most connected offerings. They’re highly analog in appearance but feature a well-integrated screen above 6 o’clock. What is not visible is the fact that these quartz lovelies contain a photovoltaic cell under their black dials that will keep them running without the need for a battery change. Without sunlight, the watches will even run for up to six months in connected mode.

As far as the physical specifications for the T-Touch Connect Sport, all of variations are sized at 43.3mm in diameter with a 13.5mm thickness. The 50m-water-resistant cases are made of titanium and include a sapphire crystal. Two pushers can be used along with the touchscreen to access various functions.

Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport rose gold PVD

Six options

Tissot is making the T-Touch Connect Sport available in six different colorways. No matter which is chosen, the watches have a non-rotating, ceramic 60-minute bezel. Models with a natural titanium case are priced at CHF 945 and include versions with a blue bezel and blue strap, a black bezel and red strap, and a white bezel and white strap. An additional titanium model with a black dial and black bezel comes on a titanium bracelet and retails for CHF 1,045. For those who enjoy a more tactical edition, there is a CHF 995 variant with a black PVD case and a black bezel, dial, and strap. Finally, the most luxurious option is a rose gold PVD version with a brown bezel and light tan strap.

Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport blue

Connected software

The SwAlps operating system allows the T-Touch Connect Sport to work in tandem with the owner’s phone. It can track specific workouts like running, cycling, walking, and so on, and the phone-based app can then share deeper details, such as charts to show progress. Furthermore, the watch provides a handy level of notifications for incoming calls, active timers, alarms, and reminders. Tissot is quick to point out that the intent of its newest offering is not to replace a phone. Instead, notifications will allow the owner to decide whether or not to access their phone. For those concerned about obsolescence, Tissot will be making regular updates to its software.

Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport bracelet

Thoughts about the T-Touch Connect Sport

The new Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport should appeal to those who embrace connected watches but still enjoy a traditional timepiece experience. The watches are legible, mature-looking, and attractive. Plus, the pricing is on the approachable side for a watch with this much functionality. We know that there are diehard T-Touch fans in our audience. What are your thoughts about this newest release?

For more information on the new T-Touch Connect Sport, visit the official Tissot website.

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Watch specifications

T-Touch Connect Sport
T153.420.47.051.01 (blue), T153.420.47.051.03 (white), T153.420.44.051.00 (black on bracelet), T153.420.47.051.04 (black PVD case), T153.420.47.051.0 (rose gold PVD case), T153.420.47.051.02 (black with orange accents)
Black touchscreen and photovoltaic cell with Super-LumiNova
Case Material
Case Dimensions
43.3mm (diameter) × 13.5mm (thickness)
Swiss Autonomous Low Power System OS - “SwALPS”, quartz, solar recharge
Water Resistance
5 bar (50 meters)
Rubber or titanium bracelet
Time (hours, minutes, central seconds), connected with workout feature, stats, and notifications including incoming calls, active timers, alarms, and reminders
CHF 945–1,045
Two years