Imagine your average Saturday afternoon. Add a group of around 40 people (oh yes, all men), together in a private section of a restaurant. There’s an open bar, snacks come and go, and there are a lot — I mean A LOT! — of watches. It doesn’t sound all that complicated, and it really isn’t. But it sure makes for a seriously fun afternoon! Yes, Fratelli, watch get-together season is here, and ready to wipe away those lingering pandemic blues!

Since I got into watches around two years ago, I’ve only visited two other physical events like the one last weekend in Enschede, Netherlands. The first one was last November with roughly the same group of people. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I got invited by a watch friend. He told me to bring some watches and my good mood. When I arrived, there were some guys who had already put their watch collections on display and were busy chatting about them. 

watch get-together

Just put it out there!

More and more guys arrived, and as soon as they said “hi,” they would quickly grab their watch rolls from their bags and lay them down on the table. The watch friend who invited me told me there would be food and drinks, but all I saw on the long table in the center of the room was a white table cloth and more and more watches piling up. I was still a bit hesitant, but after a while, I also took out my watch roll, opened it up, and put it on that same table. 

Soon enough, the room was filled with guys walking around with each other’s watches. They were sharing their watch journeys with each other and comparing their collections. Not to brag about them, but simply to share what kind of choices they made and why. Of course, I had those conversations online as well, but having them face to face was a completely different experience. Especially because the watches we were talking about were all — and I mean all — right there in front of us.  

(Ex)changing perspectives

Different versions of the same watch were being put side by side. New and vintage iterations were being compared, and people’s new acquisitions were being proudly presented. I was starting to get the hang of it and also started trying out different watches. Watches I had never seen in real life before. Watches I had never even thought about before! An event like this really changes your perspective on the watches out there, and especially your assessment of your own collection. 

There might be some watches that really surprise you in real life, positively or negatively. Some of your grail watches might actually disappoint when you finally get to hold them. Or, like what happened to me the last time with a two-tone Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, a watch you never expected to like suddenly feels like it’s made for you. And one of your watches, like my Cartier Santos, might have that same effect on another watch enthusiast.

When’s the next watch get-together?!

I think you can guess by now that I had a blast. Certainly, that’s because it was one of the few physical events in a time of online meetings. But it’s mainly because of the opportunity to see so many great watches together and the chance to share a mutual interest in watches with others. I already knew some of the people and had spoken to them on watch forums or Instagram, but it was great to finally meet them and their watches in real life. So of course I said yes when they asked me if I wanted to participate again. 

This time, at last Saturday’s watch get-together, I knew exactly what to expect. Nevertheless, the kind of watches presented and the people there still left me very impressed. I hope you’ll enjoy the photo report below. I’m already looking forward to the next get-together!

Pictures at the event were taken by @Bwatched, who you can find on Instagram.

watch get-together

It’s not often you’re able to see these watches together!

watch get-together

Cousteau would approve of this handful!

watch get-together

It was great to see all three of these side by side. Which one is your favorite?

RJ was also there, trying on a beautiful Breguet, which was exactly the right size (okay, okay… maybe a bit on the small side at 30mm)!

watch get-together

Can I have another beer please?

What’s the time again?

That’s better!

Green is so 2021!

A few of my own pieces…

Does it get any cleaner than this!?

Now isn’t that the most perfect modern Daytona?

watch get-together

Gotta love that chocolate-bar Patek strap!

Can I see that one up close, please?


I really fell in love with that stunning black Polerouter!

watch get-together

Can I try on that Czapek, please?


Some very special Speedies also attended.

Including the latest Snoopy!

watch get-together

And we went out with a BANG!

What has your experience with watch get-togethers been like, and are you planning to attend more of them soon? If so, let us know in the comments below!