Tissot introduced the PRX Powermatic 80 35mm just last June, to a roaring round of applause from the fans. The 35 automatic completed the collection that already existed of 40mm quartz and automatic and 35mm quartz versions. Reading the comments under my introduction article, I saw many of you had been waiting for this watch. There were also plenty of you, however, who wanted the ice blue version in 35mm automatic. Well…here you go!

Today, Tissot introduces the PRX Powermatic 80 35mm in ice blue and in full yellow gold PVD coating. Let’s have a look.

PRX Powermatic 80 35mm in ice blue

Tissot likes to drop a few new colors every now and then. It is a proven strategy for keeping interest in a watch high, as this very article validates. With the huge success of the 40mm Powermatic 80 PRX in ice blue, we could see this one coming from a mile away. I did not expect it quite so quickly after the others, though. But hey, the sooner, the better! You may still be able to score one before your summer holiday.

What we see is the same dial as on the ice blue 40mm variant. The PRX Powermatic 80 35mm ice blue model’s dial is simply scaled down to fit the smaller watch. In short: it really is exactly what many of you were hoping for and expecting. Isn’t it nice when things unfold just as planned sometimes?

In case you haven’t been able to see the ice-blue dial in real life, it is a seriously cool color, pun intended. It really does have a glacial glow to it while remaining versatile enough for everyday pairing with any attire. I am pretty sure the color will be a crowd-pleaser in the 35mm PRX too.

PRX Powermatic 80 35mm in yellow gold PVD

Okay, let’s say you are looking at the PRX Powermatic 80 35mm, and you feel it is a tad too subdued. You want that vintage-flavored bling in your life. Well, Tissot has got you covered! Slip on your loafers, unbutton your aloha shirt, put on your oversized gold-framed sunglasses, and strap on the yellow-gold PVD PRX 35! That’s a proper summer look.

This new version of the PRX Powermatic 80 35mm is, again, an exact translation of the 40mm into a 35mm format. So, again, no surprises here. Tissot is just filling out the collection in the expected and sensible way.

As with the larger brother, you get a fully gold PVD-coated case and bracelet, with the matching gold Tappisserie dial. Especially at this smaller scale, you get a very cool “granddad watch” style with the gold PRX. If you are getting the PRX as a fun side-watch, why not go all the way? If it is your primary watch, I am pretty sure you will opt for a regular steel model. Either way, you will be set for the second half of summer.

Pricing and availability

The Tissot PRX Powermatic, 80 35mm in ice blue and PVD yellow gold are available now. The ice blue is priced at €745. The gold version comes in at €875. Even this is precisely as you would have expected, in line with the rest of the collection.

I could lay a more significant claim on your precious time, but this really is all you need to know. If you have been waiting for a gold or ice blue PRX 35mm, today is your lucky day!

What do you think of these new colors? Let us know in the comments below.